General Championship Shows

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! denotes awarding CC’s first time in this country  * denotes shows without CCs.


Judge 2015

Judge 2016

Manchester Mr D Matthews! Mr K Jarvinen
Crufts Mrs. L Wilson  Mrs J Mance
Birmingham National Mrs ME Mulholland  Mr R.I. Millar
S.K.C. Mr D. Short  Mr E Patterson
Bath Mrs L Wearing  Mrs M C Hughes
Southern Counties* Mr H Ogden  Mr R McLeod
Border Union Mr S Plane  Mr M Freeman
Blackpool Mr K Sinclair  Miss J Lanning
Windsor Mrs M K Reed-Peck  Ms M Sergent
East of England Mrs B Banbury  Mrs R Wright
Leeds Mr A Wight Mr J Horswell
Bournemouth* To Be Announced
Welsh K.C. Mrs L Whales!  Mr P Lawless
S.K.C * Mr M Dunnachie
Birmingham City Miss E Haapanniem!  Mrs J Peak
Richmond * Mrs J Lilley
Darlington * Mr T Mather
South Wales Mr M.G Cocozza!  Mr D Robbins!
Schipperke Club Dr Janusz Opara (Poland)  Mr M Gilchrist
Midland Counties NO CLASSES!
B.U.B.A. Mrs D Forknall Mr R Baker
L.K.A. Mrs B. West  Mr D Matthews