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4 Year old male – Jack Rehomed.

Great news about Jack. He’s been neutered, had his teeth cleaned and today (17 th April) has gone to his new home in Devon. He will be a great dog for a lovely lady.

30th March 2018 – I went to pick up this handsome chap whose owner sadly is seriously ill with cancer and can no longer look after him. He’s called Jack and he’s 4 years old. I have someone who may be interested in him but in case things don’t turn out I thought you all might like to see him. He’s got a lovely sweet nature but will need neutering before he goes to a new home. I’ll keep you all posted.


Members should have received a notice of the A.G.M. which will take place after the Open Show on Sunday 25th March. If you have not received it please contact the secretary.

Open Show 25th March 2018

Schedules are available for the Open show which will take place at Nether Whitacre Village hall on 25th March, followed by the A.G.M.

The show will open at 8:45am and judging will start at 9:30am. The judge is Mrs Christina Wilkin (Whizzkees).

Schipperke Club Open Day

Download the schedule

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BB’s story

This is BB. She’s 14 years old and was surrendered to Schipperke Club Rescue at the beginning of September. Thanks to Debbie Moore who found her advertised for sale on the internet and went to collect her and drive her up to me. Her condition was shocking. She was terribly underweight, had really bad teeth and a malignant tumour on her leg. After discussion with our chairperson Diane Forknall it was agreed this little girl should be given a chance. Surgery was performed to remove the tumour but this left an open wound which needed dressing several times a week. She’s pictured here with her nurse Jess who treated her and eventually the wound healed. She also had 12 teeth removed. She had 4 small meals a day and put on weight. She is also deaf. Fortunately I was made aware by Linda Bisland that a friend of hers, Syd had lost his Schipp and was feeling the loss. When told about BB he was keen to get her. So today BB went to live with Syd in Glasgow pictured here. He was overjoyed when he saw her and I have no doubt they will be very happy together. This has been very expensive for the Club Rescue and without your support this beautiful gentle girl would have been put to sleep. So a big thank you everyone who donates to our Rescue. This is what happens to your money.

Breed Appreciation Day



The Schipperke Club are pleased to announce that they will be holding a Breed Appreciation Day held in line with the new Judges Competency Framework (JCF). The day is open to all.

The day comprises of a breed talk aiming to provide or re-inforce the basic knowledge required to establish a candidates/Level 1 Judge’s understanding and appreciation of the breed, in order to take a subsequent Multiple-Choice Breed Standard exam (dependant on eligibility – see below). Attending the Breed Appreciation Day and passing the Multiple-choice Breed Standard Exam forms part of the criteria that will enable the candidate to attain Level 2 status when the JCF goes live.

Subjects covered in the morning session will include a brief history of the breed, function of the breed and its correlation to its confirmation and movement and elaboration on breed specifics to other Spitz breeds. All elements of the standard will be covered, and there will be live exhibits. The exam will be before lunch.

The afternoon session will include hands-on with opportunities for mentoring if required.

Multiple-Choice Exam Eligibility – in order to sit this exam, candidates must either already be approved to award CC’s to a breed or will have to have fulfilled all the entry level criteria (if not approved to award CC’s) which includes the following:

1) Attend a KC Requirements of a Dog Show Judge seminar and exampass.
2) Pass the KC 50 points of a Dog Assessment.
3) Attend a KC Conformation and Movement Seminar.
4) Undertaken 4 days stewarding appointments.
5) Proven interest of a minimum of 5 years in one or more aspects of thebreeding and exhibiting of pedigree dogs.

Karen Bugg ~

7 year old bitch – Tia – Updated

This is Tia. She’s 7 years old and her elderly owner was having difficulty looking after her. She’s spayed and microchipped, reported to be good with children and dogs. She has had an odd seizure over the years, the last one 18 months ago. No medication has been prescribed. I am very pleased to tell you all she had a vet check, dental, nails cut and ears cleaned and today went to her forever home with Frances. Huge thanks to everyone who showed interest in giving this great girl a home.

Open Show Judges for 2018

We have started a page for judges for Open Shows in 2018, if you know of any judges in our breed in upcoming shows please inform Melanie or our assistant secretary & website editor Karen with details so they can be added. Click below to view list.

Click here


The show will be held on Sunday 22nd October 2017 at the new venue:
Roade Village Hall, Bailey Brook Lane, Roade, Northampton NN7 2LS

The judges will remain the same.

If you received a schedule from us at EoE or by post please note the above and tell your friends.

You may download a schedule by clicking link below:

Schipperke Club Championship Show Schedule
Download Schipperke Club Championship Show 2017 Schedule

Results Championship Show October 2016

Best Veteran, Best in Show, Reserve best In Show (& Best Opposite Sex) Best Puppy in Show. [Photo © Karen Bugg]

Judge Mr Mike Gilchrist

Best In Show Philpott’s CH Aradet Expert Timing
Res. Best In Show & Best Opposite Sex Flutter’s AM CH. Ebornorth Never On A Sunday
Best Puppy in Show Leaf’s Skipon Golden Gemma
Best Vet In Show Mance’s CH. Schipdale Orlando
Best Any Other Colour In Show Moore & Noch’s Chadbower Finlay for Blitzstan

Minor Puppy Dog (2, 0 Ab)
1. Mance’s Ryeman Robin
2. Massey’s Ristine Tweedledee

Puppy Dog (3, 1 )
1. Brooks & Davis’ Deakie Donnie Dinnie
2. Massey’s Ristine Tweedledee

Junior Dog (1, 0)
1. Holmes’ Aradet Captain Jack by Dencas

Special Yearling Dog (2, 0)
1. Massey’s Ristine Jack Black
2. Smith’s Ristine Black Sabbath

Post Graduate Dog (3, 1)
1. Jones’ Roopec Dinky Demon
2. Huyton’s Catchwell Do the Dark

Limit Dog (7, 1)
1. Whales’ Aradet Ballroom Dancer at Roshaana
2. Mance’s Mywulf Blue Saphire
3. Moore & Noch’s Chadbower Finlay for Blitzstan
4. Holmes’ Dencas Mirlin
5. Cheatham’s Aradet Action Man ShCM

Open Dog (6, 2)
1. Philpott’s CH. Aradet Expert Timing
2. Fludder’s Aradet Xtra Addition
3. Donaldson’s Aradet Zulu von Zorbaloo
4. Thorne’s CH. Schipdale Lewis

A.O.C. Open Dog (1, 0)
1. Moore & Noch’s Chadbower Finlay for Blitzstan

Veteran Dog (Under 10 years) (1, 0)
1. Fludder’s Aradet Shot In The Dark

Veteran Dog (Over 10 years) (4, 1)
1. Mance’s CH. Schipdale Orlando
2. Wilson’s CH. Aradet Off The Chart at Lyncathmor
3. Manners’ Komargo’s Crazy Diamond at Roopec

Good Citizen Dog (5, 0)
1. Philpott’s CH. Aradet Expert Timing
2. Whales’ Aradet Zeus at Roshaana JW ShCM
3. Manners’ Komargo’s Crazy Diamond at Roopec
4. Jones’ Roopec Dinky Demon
5. Robjohns’ Qwontox Quincy ShCM

Dog Awards:

Dog CC CH Aradet Expert Timing
Res. Dog CC CH. Schipdale Orlando
Best Vet Dog CH. Schipdale Orlando
Best AOC Dog Chadbower Finlay for Blitzstan
Best Puppy Dog Aradet Captain Jack by Dencas (Also Best Minor Puppy Dog)

Dog CC & Best In Show CH. Aradet Expert Timing [Photo © Karen Bugg]

Best Veteran in show Mance's CH. Schipdale Orlando
Best Veteran & Res CC CH Schipdale Orlando [Photo © Karen Bugg]

Best Puppy Dog
Best Puppy Dog Holmes’ Aradet Captain Jack by Dencas [Photo © Karen Bugg]

Minor Puppy Bitch (3, 1 Ab)
1. Leaf’s Skipon Golden Gemma
2. Deats’ Aradet Cygneture Tune

Puppy Bitch (3, 1)
1. Reed-Peck’s Deakie Philamena Byquy
2. Deats’ Aradet Cygneture Tune

Junior Bitch (1, 0)
1. Deats’ Aradet Cygneture Tune

Special Yearling Bitch 0 Entries

Post Graduate Bitch (5, 1)
1. Robjohns’ Aradet Amelia Pond for Qwontox
2. Fegan’s Wagaman Black Raven
3. Wearing’s Aradet Xotic Dancer
4. Moore & Noch’s Daksfina Raven at Blitzstan

Limit Bitch (6, 3)
1. Fellows’ Nocte Amerina at Blackshuck
2. Donaldson’s Zorbaloo Concrete Blonde
3. Massey’s Scipsar Alice In Wonderland at Ristine

Open Bitch (7, 1)
1. Fludder’s AM CH. Ebornorth Never On A Sunday
2. Fegan’s Wagaman Black Magic
3. Hart & Hawkins’ CH. Carissa Last Orders
4. Leaf’s Chadbower Bonnie Rye
5. Manners’ Scipsar Black magic at Roopec

A.O.C. Open Bitch (3, 1)
1. Donaldson’s Zorbaloo Concrete Blonde

Veteran Bitch (Under 10 years) (1, 0)
1. Robjohns’ Ch. Qwontox Quintessential ShCM

Veteran Bitch (Over 10 years) (4, 1)
1. Whales’ CH. Qwontox Quidnunc by Roshaana
2. Wearing’s Aradet Party Politics
3. Robjohns’ Qwontox Celtic Quest ShCM

Good Citizen Bitch (2, 0)
1. Robjohns’ Aradet Amelia Pond for Qwontox
2. Moore & Noch’s Daksfina Raven at Blitzstan

Bitch Awards

Bitch CC Fludder’s AM CH. Ebornorth Never On A Sunday
Res Bitch CC Whales’ CH. Qwontox Quidnunc by Roshaana
Best Puppy Bitch Leaf’s Skipon Golden Gemma
Best Vet Bitch Whales’ CH. Qwontox Quidnunc by Roshaana
Best AOC Bitch Leaf’s Skipon Golden Gemma

Bitch CC
Bitch CC Fludder’s AM CH. Ebornorth Never On A Sunday [Photo © Karen Bugg]

Best Vet Bitch & Res Bitch CC Whales’ CH. Qwontox Quidnunc by Roshaana [Photo © Karen Bugg]

Best Puppy in Show
Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show & Best A.O.C. Bitch Leaf’s Skipon Golden Gemma [Photo © Karen Bugg]