Breed Information

The Schipperke is known as a big dog in a small body. He is very robust with very few medical problems. They have a very typical silhouette with ruff and trousers (Culottes) and a square body in profile. They need very little grooming, just a brush on occasion.The Schipperke personality has made him loved by many people. He’s intelligent, alert, curious, hardy and playful with children, and eager to protect its family.  He is very merry, always vigilant and active.  They learn quickly what you want them to do, but they also are fast to get into trouble.  They can figure out many difficult problems, especially if it is for their own benefit.

Schipperkes are loyal, loving, inquisitive, always optimistic, and a great companion. For some, they are the greatest, but for others they simply do not appeal.

The Schipperke can live for over 20 years old, so it’s a commitment almost for life. An active breed that can suit an active owner, but will generally adapt to your lifestyle.

Cream male schipperkes
Cream males

His great curiosity will make him want to know everything that happens. If a door is closed he probably want to find out what is on the other side. He loves to travel, by car or boat and is usually quite indignant when you leave him at home. He is gay, courageous and full of energy to the point that you can’t wear this little dog out. He may get bored with the games you play with him and go off to find something more interesting to do, but his devotion never ends. He is at times very headstrong and even a little stubborn when it comes to having his own way. The breed is originally a watchdog, a shepherd and hunter of vermin, and like all other shepherd dogs they are confident, independent and reserved with strangers

Black Female Schipperkes
Black Females

Schipperkes are often called “the best house dog” and “very fond of children”, but as for all other dogs some just love children and others are more reserved.  The Schipperke can and is often known to be the child’s best playmate. The Schipperke really loves his family and will never let them down, if they don’t let him down. Just a pretty thing they aren’t; they demand to be where the action is. They will demand your attention, your time, and your love.