Schipperke Club Rescue

Schipperke Rescue’s philosophy is that the dog must always come first regardless of age, health condition or circumstances.

We offer several services including a rehoming service to anyone who owns a Schipperke if they can no longer care for the dog. We are available to give advice and support to owners who are having problems, owners who’s dog has died and to new owners who are getting to know their dog. We are also able, on occasion, to take dogs into our care until a suitable new home is found. We have sometimes found ourselves looking after very elderly dogs until the end of their days.

We are fortunate in that the Schipperke Club members are very supportive of our work. When called upon, members have collected and delivered dogs all round the country and have dug deep into their pockets to financially support dogs in greatest need. An example this year was through donations and fund raising we managed to prevent a dog, smuggled into this country, from being put to sleep. He was in quarantine for six months which was very ex[ensive but he was eventually found a loving new family.

For this and the anticipated support in the future wem are immensley grateful and thank everyone for their ongoing support which enables us to continue the work we do.

Mrs Lesley Thorne
Rescue Co-ordinator

Breed Rescue Co-ordinator

Please contact 

Lesley Thorne – Rescue Co-ordinator
25 Dewberry Close
M29 8RD
Telephone: 0161 799 4251


Carolyn Snowdon – Assistant Breed Rescue Co-ordinator

25 Laxey Crescent
Gt. Manchester

Telephone: 0770 416 8512

If the co-ordinators are not available contact a member of the committee.

For the latest information about re-homing Schipperkes go to our Rescue News page.