Schipperke Club Versatility Awards

The Schipperke Club would like to recognise the achievements of all Schipperkes. Therefore, we have started a new award called the Versatility Award.

This award is designed to encourage Schipperke owners to take part in other activities and gain points for all level of achievements.
A certificate will be awarded for each level obtained. Awards for claims received by the 31st January each year will be presented at the Annual General Meeting. Certificates will be posted to members who are unable to attend the AGM. There will be a role of honour for award winners on the Schipperke Club website and in the newsletter.


Achieved by gaining 12 points over 3 or more disciplines


Achieved by gaining 9 points over 3 or more disciplines


Achieved by gaining 6 points over 2 or more disciplines


Achieved by gaining 3 points over 2 or more disciplines


  • Only the owner of the dog can claim for points (parent of children less than 16 need to apply). The award is dog based.
  • Only one score is allowed for each discipline for each award level. Further achievements in a discipline can be recognised when claiming a higher level award.
  • Sports/disciplines not covered in the points table may be eligible for inclusion. Please send details of achievement with claim.

Download Versatility Awards Rules as a PDF


Activities criteria
Download Activity Criteria as a PDF


  • Claims must be made on the appropriate form (from the Schipperke Club website) and by current members of active dogs.
  • Only one score is allowed for each discipline for each award level.
  • All claims must be accompanied by documentary evidence. Please submit your points of award to include level of achievement, making it as clear as possible. Photocopies are acceptable, as are photographs of rosettes/certificates.
  • The clubs decision is final in all disputes.

Download Versatility Award Application Form