Just to remind all members that only results from the following laboratories will be accepted to be entered on the MPSIIIB register.

PennGen Laboratories, School of Vetinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, 3900 DelanceyStreet, Room 4013, Philadelphia, PA19104


LABOKLIN (UK) 125 Northenden Road, Manchester, M33 3HF

MPS3B Testing at Laboklin

Von Willebrands Disease

The club are encouraging members to have their dogs DNA tested for Von Willebrands Disease, this will enable us to ascertain if this is a problem within the breed.

The Club is offering a £10 rebate for every result received, these results will be kept in the strictest confidence. Claim Form can be found on the Club Web Site HERE.

Kits can be obtained from the following Laboratories.

Animal GeneticsUK 1 Mount Charles Rd, St Austell, PL25 3LB
01726 247788

htpp://animalgenetics.comCanine/Genetic Disease/vWD1.asp

Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd William James House, Cowley Rd, Cambridge, CB4 0WX
(01223 395577)

htpp://www.animaldiagnostics.co.uk/uploads/pdfs/vWDtype1 web-page text.pdf