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Schipperke breed standard commentary

Schipperke Club Breed Standard Commentary


SALE Price £3.50

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The Schipperke Book of Champions

The Book of Champions lists all the Schipperke Champions to 2012, with photos, three generation pedigree and details of owner/breeder/Challenge Certificates won.

Each set 1948 – 2012 SALE Price £10.00


BUY Set 1 1948-1986

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BUY Set 2 1987-1999

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BUY Set 3 2000-2005

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BUY Set 4 2006-2012 Loose Leaf £10.00

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BUY Set 4 2006-2012 Wire Bound £12.50

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Club Centenary Book

The Schipperke Club celebrated it’s Centenary in the years 2004-2005.

Inside is the history of the club, with many photographs of Schipperkes both past and present.
Listing officers of the club past and present, championship show Challenge Certificate winners, and a comprehensive list of show champions and a celebration 30 years of the coloured Schipperke in the show ring.

With many members advertisements and articles of interest from breed enthusiasts from the UK and all around the world. Read more…

SALE Price £2.00

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The Schipperke by Ewart Smith

The early history of the Schipperke Club, a must for all Schipperke enthusiasts.

Price £6.00

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The Schipperke Club Badge

Die cast pinned badge with Schipperke head in the middle with red rim with the wording “The Schipperke Club”

SALE Price £3.00

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The Schipperke Club Keyfob

Leather Key fob with metal attached inset with the plastic cast Schipperke Club logo

SALE Price £2.00

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The Schipperke Car/Window Sticker

A Black and white circular adhesive car sticker with the Schipperke Club logo. White and black.

SALE Price £0.75

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Canvas tote bag with Schipperke motif


A canvas bag with black Schipperke embroidery motif.

Price £7.00

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NEW schipperke ring clips hand modelled black or cream schipperke with or with our a tail.


Hand made Schipperke ring clips available in black / cream with or without tails.
Please specify your pretence.

Price £12.00

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Trinket Box

Gold/silver coloured dog themed top, with black velvet box.

SALE Price £2.00

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(Image shown  not the actual item)


Handy paperweight with a Schipperke motif

SALE Price: £10.50

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A Schipperke Picture/Collage

A black and whiteprint compendium of old Schipperkes.  Great for your collection.

SALE Price £5.00

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