Open Show followed by A.G.M.

The Schipperke Club Open Show is to be held on Sunday 31 March 2019 at Nether Whitacre Village Hall. It will be followed by the Annual General meeting. The judge is Mrs Sarah Hattrell.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the show?
It is on Sunday March 31st 2019

Where will it be held?
Nether Whitacre Village Hall. Station road, Whitacre Heath, Nr Coleshill, Warwickshire. B46 2EH

Who is judging?
The judge is Sarah Hattrell and she is off our B List. Her breed is the Lhasa Apso, her Affix is Khinjan.

When do entries close?
Entries close Saturday 2nd March 2019 (postmark) and entries received after Thursday 7th March will be returned. (Note this is BEFORE Crufts and entries will not be accepted there)

What time is judging?
Judging starts 9.30am, although the show opens at 8.45am.

How do I enter?
There is an entry form in the schedule. Fill it in with your dog’s details and send it along with the fees to the show secretary.

How much is it to enter?
First entry including Veteran classes under 10 years is £6. Veteran class for dogs over 10 years is free.
All subsequent entries with the same dog will be £2.
If you want a child to enter the Junior Handling classes they cost £2.
Any dog to be brought along and entered in the catalogue Not For Competition including the Puppy Parade is £2.
Entering two of your previously entered dogs in the Brace Class is Free.

Can I bring my other breed of dog with me?
Yes but only if they are entered Not For Competition. If you want to bring your 4-6 month old puppy along you can do, but these need entering as not for competition too.

Where can I get a schedule to enter?
You can ask for one to be sent to you by contacting the Hon. Secretary Melanie Reed-Peck either by email ( or by phone (01223 812105). Or you can CLICK THIS LINK to download a pdf version, print it off and post with your cheque to 27 Stowe Road, Stow-Cum-Quy, Cambridge CB25 9AD.

Can I enter online?
Not at this time, although if you do not own a chequebook or prefer to pay electronically you can use PayPal to pay for your entry.You must inform the secretary that this is the way you intend to pay. Instructions for paying via PayPal are here

Do I need to be a member to enter my Schipperke in the show?
No! This is a single breed show open to all. Members and non members are welcome to enter their Schipperkes.

Will there be trophies on offer at this show?
Yes there are trophies for class winners and top award winners (e.g. Best In Show) but they are for fully paid up members of the club only. A full list is in the schedule.

Can I keep the trophy?
NO! You must return it for the next show, as they are awarded on an annual basis.
Please make sure the trophy is cleaned before you bring it back, or the trophy steward will give you a cleaning cloth and make you clean it there at the show!!

How do I return the trophy?
You should have received a note from the Trophy Steward (at present this is Jan Mance one of the club’s Vice Presidents, her address is in the schedule) asking you to bring it to the Show with you. If you are unable to be at the show this year then you should make arrangements to return it via another method (a friend who will be going maybe or if you are attending Crufts drop it with a Jan or a committee member there).

Will there be a catalogue available?
Yes catalogues will be available t £3 if you pay with your entry, or £3.50 on the day – but there will only be a limited number available at the show so it is best to order with your entry!

Can I pay my membership with my entry?
You can renew your membership with your entry to the show, but you will need to send in a completed membership renewal form (which is in your schedule). BUT in order to vote in the A.G.M. you need your membership to be paid by 31st January 2019.

How much is it to renew my membership?
Joint membership i.e. two people in the same household is £12.
Single membership £10.
Junior membership £1.

Will there be food?
There will be the usual Buffet Lunch. With soup to start (personally I love the carrot just as much as the mushroom!) followed by a main course consisting of selection of cold meats or a vegetarian option. If you are vegan, please let us know! There will be a selection of sweets with cream or cheese and biscuits and a hot drink (tea or coffee) to follow.

How much will the food cost?
Pre ordering your starter and main course with your entry will cost you £4.50 and the sweet £1.50. The starter and main course on the day will be £5.50 and sweet £2.00. So it is best to pre order!

How come we pay for the sweet course separately now?
It was felt that as the price of our lunches had been the same for so many years we needed to put up the cost. So it was decided that charging for the Sweet Course would be the best option. And as some people did not take the sweet course it would be unfair to charge them extra for their lunch. It also meant that those people who bring their own packed lunches would be able to purchase a cake and hot drink after their meal – without having to pay for the whole meal.

What time will the show finish and when will the A.G.M start?
This depends upon the number entries. But the A.G.M will follow lunch and will not start before 1pm.

Can I bring along a guest?
Yes visitors are always welcome at the show and they do not need to be a member watch or take part in the show.

Will there be a raffle or tombola?
There will be a raffle and donations of prizes for this will be much appreciated.