Breed Appreciation Days

The last Breed Appreciation Day took place on Saturday 11th February at Roade Village Hall, Northants.

The club are planning another in the north of England in 2023. Details will be here once confirmed.

Our Assistant Secretary Karen Bugg is the BAD organiser.

Contact her at to add your name to the list of candidates for the next date and she will send you the details once available.

Schipperke BAD 11-2-2023


Best seminar we’ve attended in a while. Talk excellent, easy to grasp. Hands-on / mentoring 1st class.
Learnt a lot about great breed.

Seminar Mentoring

Very enjoyable day with excellent speakers, also being able to go over the dogs.
Lovely lunch and a very warm welcome from the committee.

Breed Appreciation Day Feb 23

Excellent speaker on breed and demo on dog on table to point out.
Good selection of dogs to go over

BAD 11th February 2023

Having attended the breed seminar in 2018, I found today to be an excellent refresher, thank you.

BAD 11-2-23 delegate

Mentoring very good, relaxed day good atmosphere

BAD 11-2-23

Really enjoyable day with good presentation

BAD attendee

Excellent comments on the breed standard.
Accessible hall and good accessibility.
Breed talk very interesting and informative.
Enough time and plenty of hands on.
Plenty of variety in age group (of dogs) and good discussion about development

BAD Delegate

This was a great day but would have preferred more people to do group mentoring so there could be smaller groups (I am aware this was your plan)


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