MPSIIIB (Mucopolysaccharidosis type 111B) is a degenerative, hereditary condition which invariably leads to the death of an affected animal before the dog reaches the age of 4 years. A DNA test (using cheek swabs) has been developed at the University of Pennsylvania in the US which allows identification of dogs which are clear of the gene for this disease and those which are carriers.

The Schipperke Club membership has decided that testing of all breeding stock, prior to mating, should be a requirement of the Club’s Code of Ethics. The only exception would be for dogs born to parents who have tested clear or who are clear “by pedigree”, i.e. direct decendants of animals tested clear. Such animals need not be tested.

This register has, therefore, been set up to help breeders formulate their breeding plans. It is in three sections; dogs tested normal, dogs tested as carriers and dog clear by descent. To date, we are unaware of any affected animals in this country. It should be recognised that, historically, there was a small percentage of error in the results obtained from the test facility and it remains the responsibility of individual breeders and owners to satisfy themselves as far as possible as to the MPSIIIB status of their dog. This register is not mandatory and only details provided by owners have been listed. No assumptions should be made about dogs whose details do not appear.

It is hoped that this open register will prove to be an invaluable tool to help breeders eradicate this lethal condition quickly and completely from our population. Its use is strongly commended to you by the Club Officers and committee.

If you have any queries about the register or wish to submit test results (with copy test certificates) for inclusion, please email the Club Health Co-ordinator, Karen Brooks


Please note these results are submitted by owners.

Schipperkes tested as clear (normal) pdf

Schipperkes deemed clear by descent register pdf

Schipperkes tested as carriers pdf

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