Judging The Schipperke

The Schipperke Club is the only breed club in the UK and its objective is to promote the general interests of the Schipperke by encouraging breeding to the Kennel Club Breed Standard, additionally the club promotes the breed by offering training events in accordance with the Kennel Club Judges Education Programme (JEP), social events and runs at least two shows (one Open and one Championship) each year.

About the Judges Education Programme

The Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) has been developed for the education, approval and listing of every breed show judge, from those who aspire to judge but have not yet stepped into the ring, right through to open show judges, those who go on to award Challenge Certificates, and those who judge championship show Groups and Best in Show.

Seminars undertaken prior to this date can be accepted for use when progressing via the Judges Education Programme. However, judges are required to complete the criteria at each level before moving on to the next, thus providing a clear structured approach.

Stewarding is a requirement for both levels 1 and 3 and therefore a more fluid approach on when this is undertaken can be taken here, providing the minimum requirements
are met.

Full information on the Judges Education Programme, including detailed Codes of Best Practice for each element of the scheme, can be found at thekennelclub.org.uk/jep and questions can be directed to judges.education@thekennelclub.org.uk

To Judge the Schipperke

  • All judges must have met the requirements of Judges Education Programme level 1 to judge at shows held from 1 January 2021 (existing Challenge Certificate judges exempt)
  • Judges must complete the requirements at each level before moving to the next level
  • Judges will upload their evidence of learning to an online platform (once this is available)
  • Judges, exhibitors and show organisers will be able to view a judge’s experience via the enhanced Find a Judge website, which will list all judges who register, in due course
  • Each breed has appointed a breed education co-ordinator as a main point of contact to oversee a breed’s education of judges, with the support of The Kennel Club
  • Each breed club is required to have active involvement in educating judges via breed appreciation days and breed supported entry shows

Hands On Judging Experience

The Schipperke is in Utility Group Tier 2, which means in order to progress to Level 3 (CC status) judges need to have judged 40 dogs via the traditional route or 20 dogs via the JEP.

The Schipperke Breed Education Co-Ordinator (BEC) :

Melanie Reed-Peck (Byquy)
26 Malvern Close
Email: secretary@schipperkeclub.co.uk
Tel: 01638 668664

Contact Schipperke Club Secretary:
Melanie Reed-Peck (Byquy), 26 Malvern Close, Newmarket CB8 8BP
Tel: 01638 668664
Email: byquyfamily@gmail.com

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