The Schipperke Club holds two Kennel Club licensed breed conformation shows per year, one in March which and one in October each year. The March show is followed by the club’s Annual General meeting.

Entry to each show is open to all Kennel Club registered Schipperkes, contact the secretary for a schedule.

There are classes for Schipperkes in many general show societies around the UK.

You can learn more about showing through the Kennel Club’s website by clicking the button below.

Also there is a weekly newspaper called Our Dogs, which carries adverts for shows and can be ordered through your local newsagent. This publication will give you a lot of useful information about the show scene and general information relating to dogs. Look out for up to date Schipperke news in the ‘Breed Notes’ in ‘Our Dogs’. Diane Forknall (Avidore) is our breed correspondent.

BEST OF BREED CRUFTS 2022 – Philpott’s Ch Komargo Going For Gold (Courtesy of The Kennel Club)


Contact Schipperke Club Secretary:
Melanie Reed-Peck (Byquy), 26 Malvern Close, Newmarket CB8 8BP
Tel: 01638 668664

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