Club Open Show 19th September 2019

Judge Mrs Janet Kay

Thank you all for your entries, I was greatly looking forward to the day which did not disappoint. I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did. Thank you also for the generous boxed pen with the club’s name and mine a lovely remembrance.
PD 1 Massey’s Ristine Sunny Jim. A well-coloured red, lovely ear set and well-shaped oval eye giving a sharp expression. Nice size for age, he stood on small tight feet.
SYD 1 Massey’s Ristine Magical Spice – Kennel mate to PD. Another lockdown youngster. Good foxy expression with mobile ears nice depth of chest and spring of ribs abundant coat with mane and culottes. Needs time to get used to the show ring.
PGD 1 Hall & Twigger’s Chabower Drew of Ghilegrange. Lovely head oval dark eyes, good skull to muzzle and well filled under eyes. Deep chest and well-sprung ribs, short coupled and high set tail on the move he was brisk.
LD 1 Mance’s Blitzstan Teller of Tails with Ryeman. Broad skull with a slightly shorter muzzle to skull well filled, correct dark eyes with good expression. Strong full neck into nicely laid shoulders, good depth of chest and well-sprung ribs clear mane and frill finished with well-formed culottes. 2 Massey’s Ristine Tweedledee. I preferred the head and skull of 1. Nicely set ears strong and mobile, full mane a little longer in loin high set tail ample bone.
OD 1 Collier’s Stoneyburn Banna. A lovely balanced dog with the correct skull to muzzle ratio’s neat erect ears clear mane compact and cobby strong firm topline moved well. RBD. 2 Rollinson’s Fin/IR Ch Fandal’s UnAmor for Chadbower (Imp). Foxy expression from dark oval eyes full chest and spring of ribs nice short loin strong and well-muscled. I preferred the tail set and carriage of 1. 3 Cheatham’s Ch Schipdale A Kind of Magic. Having seen this young man before I’m so pleased he hasn’t grown any taller he’s filled out nicely in all the right places, well-sprung ribs, strong flexible loin wearing his best coat today.
VD 1 Cheatham’s Ch Aradet Action Man SHCm. He was full of youth and energy he knew his job and showed it to everyone watching. Small cobby with that foxy expression he only had eyes for his handler which were dark and oval. Strong full neck, deep chest, and spring of ribs full of coat clear mane and culottes dense undercoat. Ample bone and the best feet he moved around the ring as he owned it with a brisk action on small tight feet. I had no hesitation in awarding him BD BIS and BV.
Vin D 1 Millard’s Ch Aradet Xtra Addition. High set erect ears alert expression sharp and full of expression. Strong full neck, ample chest, and ribs full mane firm topline nicely boned. He moved on small tight feet. For his age, he moved well.
PB 1 Wilcox’s Dencas Come Dance With Me. Lockdown puppy needing socialisation. At this stage of development, she is promising. Appealing head and expression, good top and undercoat exhibiting mane and culottes high set tail curled tightly, on the move she needs to strengthen hocks. BP. 2 Hall& Twigger’s Roopec’s Gonna Get You With Ghillgrange. Slightly younger than 1 and this age which makes a difference. Feminine head with dark oval-shaped eyes bright and full of expression, better ears than 1 high set strong and erect. Needing time to body up but I’m sure these two will change places often.
JB 1 Hall & Twigger’s Roopec’s Gonna Get You With Ghillgrange. 2 McKenna’s Tredreas Orchid Princess. This young lady will do very well once she gets over her recent fright. Small cobby square in outline sharp foxy expression, alert and active. Ultra-feminine head broad skull muzzle well filled under eyes ending with a small black nose. Strong jaws and good dentition. Strong full neck ample depth of chest and spring of ribs firm topline held on the move. She moved out on small tight feet and a brisk walk. I hope to see her again soon.
SYB 1 Manners Roopec Finish Fancy. Appealing head and foxy expression strong jaws with complete scissor bite. Short full neck into well-laid shoulders full chest and deep ribbing strong short loin she moved with brisk purposeful stride on small tight feet. RBB. 2 Donaldson’s Zorbaloo Choo Choo Boogaloo. Tidy bitch, needing time to fill out a little more, good square outline ample bone good coat.
LB Reed’s Stoneyburn Maia. Most appealing head and sharp foxy expression. Well-filled chest and ribbed well back topline ok high set well-curled tail moved best. 2 Donaldson’s Zorbaloo Choo Choo Boogaloo.
OB 1 Manners Chadbower Nevaeh Lahetti. Really fulfilling her potential. Square in outline confident and showy. Beautiful feminine head the most appealing eyes full of mischief. Strong short neck ample width in forechest followed up with spring of ribs. Firm strong loin and topline held on the move. In good coat exhibiting mane and frill with a dense undercoat. Pleased to award her BB RBIS 2 Reed’s Stoneyburn Arbeia. Pleasing attentive girl a little finer in bone. Broad skull good ratio’s to muzzle nicely filled under eyes. Well coated showing mane, frill, and culottes.
VB 1 Millar’s Ch Abylity Nina’s Celtic Queen of Turnlaw (Imp). This cheeky girl is so full of character. Lovely make and shape square in outline, strong full neck, good depth of chest and spring of ribs well-laid shoulders and short hocks giving her true brisk action on the move.

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