Annual Health Report 2022-2023

The breed is still strong, robust and healthy. Many dogs live a very long and active life with some living in to their teens. This doesn’t mean that some dogs will not succumb to ailments due to old age. Just like us humans they can slow down, develop arthritis, lose teeth or develop cataracts.

Although there a few diseases the breed can suffer from, you will see these on this website, on the whole there have not been seen in the UK any dogs suffering from them although we do have carriers which we are striving to breed out by testing breeding dogs before any mating.

Our request for the Bobtail gene test to be recognised by the Kennel Club UK has been accepted. Test results will now be added to the Health Test Finder and the BRS (Breed Record Supplement) and in a register on this website. The Bobtail status is already recorded on pedigrees. We are over the moon with this. More information on the Bobtail gene can be found on the website.

We also requested that Von Willebrand Disease Type1 test be also recognised by the Kennel Club UK but at this time, without any published evidence of it affecting the breed, the KC declined to recognise the test. We will keep trying to get recognition.
As a club we are very proud to say that as a breed we have very healthy dogs and are striving to keep it that way.

Karen Brooks
(Breed Health Co-Ordinator)
19th February 2023

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