Centenary Championship Show 2004

9 October 2004,  Judge Frank Kane

The Centenary Celebration show of the Schipperke Club lived up to its title, a celebration of the breed and it was a show to remember. With visitors from New Zealand, Holland and Belgium and a packed ringside all day, a wonderful atmosphere prevailed.
Of course it was a great priviledge to be invited as a non-breed specialist to judge such a show and I fully enjoyed the day and the mounted Schipperke head study and box are things I shall treasure.
Some promising youngsters and lots of quality in the Limit and Open classes. I think OB was memorable, 18 in total and I kept 7 bitches, all of whom would of made worthy winners. I tried in all classes to find exhibits of the correct silhouette, body shape and coat pattern for the top places.
Main worries were lack of upper arm and untypical body coats, some luxurious as moleskin and some standing off. I also found more than a few round eyes, sometimes accompanying round skulls and short forefaces. I also found some eyes a shade too light.
Now my two CC winners pleased me immenseley and I felt they were a good match for size, type and balance. They exemplified the spirit and temperament of the breed. My BIS was the remarkable veteran bitch CH HALLBOWER HANNIE AT BAHRAM who will be 13 years next month. Having sorted out a marvellous OB class I felt that I’d found my top winners and then in came a superb veteran class, dominated by the presence who may be small in stature but with enough personality ans presence to steal any show, Her movement is outstanding for its precision and she is just a wonderful example of the breed. The applause which greeted her win was tremendous, I shall put her down as one of the ‘greats’ I have had the pleasure to judge.

The DCC was CH FRANHOWIL ROMEO, thought him full of type and quality,  BP was REVLOCH COCO CHANEL.

Best In Show Ch Hallbower Hannie at Bahram

Dog Classes

Minor Puppy Dog (3)

1. Archer’s Radash Against All Odds – 71/2 months, compact, good size, best shoulders in class, good coat pattern and texture. Ears a bit wide at base. Sound and brisk mover. Needs time to finish in head and tighten in front, time should put these things right BP.
2. McKenna’s Avidore Flying Scot at Tredreas – bigger dog of excellent shape and superb coat, liked his head and eye. Rather straight in shoulder. Good movement, holds as good outline.
3.Bayliss’s Karmajen Jamara

Puppy Dog (3,1 absent)

1. Predith’s Byquy Codename for Rigmoor – 9 months black, good head and eye. Needs to make up in body as he looks a little light yet. Good coat texture and pattern.
2. Murray’s Alsamar Buzz Lightyear – 9 months cream. Compact, excellent eye and ears. Angulation could be better. Needs to strengthen in rear action.

Junior Dog (6)
1. Aylward & Sullivan’s Carozza Dangerous Liaison – small, compact, square dog, full of type, correct shape, holds himself well, short brisk movement. Needs his middlepiece, looks a teenager but full of quality and potential.
2. McKenna’s Lyncathmoor Isle of Skye at Tredreas – slightly larger than 1 but excellent type and soundness. Good coat pattern in which he scored here.
3. Deats’ Aradet Lunar Eclipse

Novice Dog (3)
1. Moss’ Bahram Beauregard – scored in finish of body. Has a little too much stop and his eye is a touch too large. Compact, squarely built dog broad front, narrower rear, good coat pattern, sound brisk movement.
2. Radash Against All Odds
3. Mulcahy’s Ameriscot Heartsong at Cobberdog

Graduate Dog (4,1 absent)
1. Bahram Beauregard
2. Aylward & Sullivan’s Carozza Grim Reaper – scored in head and eye on 1 but needs some body on him to give him cobbiness. Really excellent shoulder and upper arm, good coat pattern, sound, just a touch narrow in front. When he has body should do well.
3. Posnett’s Tarnhows Silver Sand at Dreda

Post Graduate Dog (6,1 absent)
1. Wearing’s Aradet Kloudburst – small compact dog with almost good flat, broad skull, excellent foreface. Would like just a touch more leg to balance him. Holds himself well. Front action is rather wide.
2. Bayliss’ Karmajen Nighthawk – compact dog of good size and balance, smart brisk mover. Not the finish of rib of 1 at the moment. Good coat, just needs to mature in body.
3. Rollinson’s Kassalmak Golden Crown with Shellkirma

Limit Dog (12,2 absent)

1. Yoshiro & Tricklebank’s Nocte Boris Karloff – was impressed with him, cobby, square, compact, excellent mover, moderate bone, good upperarm, brisk mover. Pressed very hard in the challenge and should gain his title I should think.
2. Wild & Dennett’s Kassalmak Warrior – top quality dog, slightly bigger, appealed enormously in head and eye, brisk mover, excellent coat pattern, full of quality. Like 1 will be worthy of a title.
3. Powell’s Brookwell Rocket Man

Open Dog (11,2 absent)

1. Bayliss’ Ch Franhowil Romeo – almost 6 years, small, cobby, excellent coat and brisk action, excellent skull and foreface, has the shape, balance and coat of the breed and showed with Schipperke spirit. CC & RBIS
2. Wynter’s Kassalmak Quartz at Colhermeran – lovely type and balance, holds himself well, not as precise in front action as 1. Cobby, excellent body and firm quarters.
3. Whales’ Roshaana Hyperion

Special Open Dog (4)

1. Tarnhows Silver Sand at Dreda
2. Riley’s Rexford Golden Fleece at Lakshimi – liked his head, ears and eye. A touch long cast in body. Needs to finish in his middlepiece. Very sound mover. Good coat texture and pattern.
3. Holland & Nielsen’s Midwatch Sundance Kid (imp)

Veteran Dog (9)

1. Forknall & McDonald’s Avidore Bilbo Baggins at Kempshott – 8 years, beautiful type, stood out here, beautiful shape and balance, holds himself well on the move, super showman. RCC
2. Archer’s Ch Ability Celtic Lord with Radash – small compact dog, excellent coat. prefer just a touch more bone. Held himself well, still very sound.
3. Bisland’s Ch/Am Ch. Foxnoir Braveheart at Ameriscott

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

1. Forknall’s Avidore Flashdance – almost 8 months, excellent head, eyes & ears. Needs to drop in body a little. Excellent legs and feet, sound. Needs a touch more schooling but caught glimpses of an excellent outline.

Puppy Bitch (5)
1. Lawless’ Revloch Coco Chanel – 11 months, beautiful type. Needs to fill out and tighten in front but I forgave that for her other qualities. Holds herslf well, excellent profile, brisk action, good coat texture and pattern. BP
2. Forknall’s Avidore Fancy Pants – 7 months beautiful baby, scored in front action as 1 but not as forward in body. Should make a top bitch later.
3. Reed’s Byquy Diamond in the Sky

Junior Bitch (4)
1.Diggines’ Ludwyns Black Velvet – outstanding bitch, lovely quality, very sound, good coat pattern, flat skull, good eye & ears. In the last cut for the challenge, destined for the top.
2. Whales’ Roshaana Iliana – small compact black, excellent coat. A touch round in skull & eye but scored in her front & front movement. Full of type and temperament.
3. Bayliss’ Karmajen Ivory Pearl

Novice Bitch (2)
1. Aylward & Sullivan’s Ludwyns Fatal Attraction – cream, really sound mover, is full measure for me & a touch long cast but holds herself well. Good coat, excellent chest and spring of rib, lighter in quarters, good legs and feet.
2. Powell’s Byquy Kelly’s Eye – smaller & more compact, excellent coat, flat skull, excellent eye shape and colour. Not very sure of proceedings & although moved soundly lacked the briskness and carriage of 1.

Graduate Bitch (4)
1. Bugg & Forknall’s Komargo Amoroso at Avidore – small, compact, excellent ribcage, good underline, firmer quarters, foxy head & expression, enough bone for her size, went soundly with excellent carriage.
2. Snowdon’s Schipdale Florence – taller, slightly heavier type, excellent coat texture, good bone & feet. Not the spring of rib of 1.

Post Graduate Bitch (6,1 absent)
1. Komargo Amoroso at Avidore
2. Forknall & Bugg’s Komargo Appasionata for Avidore – litter sister to 1, slightly long cast against 1. Good bone, feet, front,skull, eye & foreface.
3. Bole’s Kassalmak Freedom

Limit Bitch (10, 1 absent)
1. Baldwin’s Monterrez Good Looker at Nightstorm – beautiful, stood out here, super balance, topline, movement, bone and feet, excellent head and eye, held herself well. Just needs maturity to go to the top. Pressed hard in the cjallenge.
2. Powell’s Brookwell Brown Eyed Girl – really honest type bitch, does not really project herself but liked her shape and balance, ultra sound on the move.
3. Archer’s Schojan Harvest Moon with Radash

Open Bitch (18, 2 absent) Wonderful class

1. Davis’ Byquy Milicent with Deakie – beautiful shape, type & coat, really good mover, excellent silhouette, scored in eye colour and upper arm. Prefer stronger feet and a touch more bone but that is hypercritical. RCC
2. Powell’s Ch. Brookwell My Sweet Lady – beautiful bitch, scores in feet to 1 but not quite the upper arm. Lovely shape, good ribbing. Splitting hairs to separate these two bitches.
3. Reed’s Ch. Byquy Lady Penelope

Special Open Bitch (8)

1. Allcott’s Zarndorna Christmas Cracker – not in her best coat but an excellent shape, size & movement, clean, brisk & sound, holding a good topline. Pigmanr could be a little stronger.
2. Charlton’s Rexford Gold Wrapped for Vibrek – excellent shape and size, good coat. Not the rear action of 1.
3. Ludwyn’s Fatal Attraction

Veteran Bitch (14, 1 absent)

1. West’s Ch Hallbower Hannie at Bahram – 13 year old remarkable veteran, still as sound as a bell, in great form. CC & BIS, at the presentation of the trophies her owner anounced the retirement of this remarkable bitch, a very appropriate touch to end on this pinnacle of success.
2. Powell’s Franhowil Ruby – almost 10 years, beautiful type. Not quite the precision in front of 1 but super rear, general type and balance are lovely.
3. Diggines’ Ch Franhowil Flawlwss Gold

Brace (13)
1. Allcott’e well marked creams, both balanced & sound movers
2. Forknall’s Brace
3. Bugg’s Brace


Special Yearling (6)

1. Wearing’s Aradet Kloudburst

Open (13)

1. Wynter’s Kassalmak Quartz at Colhormeran
2. Forknall’s Ch. Avidore Dteroit Miss – lovely quality. Beautiful type.
3. Bugg’s Avidore Dancing Queen for Komargo – litter sister

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