Schipperke Judges for Championship Shows 2023

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Manchester [HP]19/1/23Mr M Cocozza US & Can Ch Mardeck's Where The Magic Is at Schipdale (THORNE Mrs L & Dr TM)
Crufts [FD] 12/3/23Mr K SinclairFullmoon How Do You Like Me Now (USA Imp) (Miss L & Mrs K & Miss J Mclachlan & Morrison & Mclachlan)
BHAM NAT [HP]4/5/23Mrs B Bradford Ch Schipdale A Kind Of Magic (Cheatham, Mrs Lesley Alison & Cheatham, Mr Andrew )
SKC [HP]19/5/23Mr A WightFullmoon How Do You Like Me Now (USA Imp) (Miss L & Mrs K & Miss J Mclachlan & Morrison & Mclachlan)
BATH [FD]26/5/23Ms C HarwoodDencas Hold My Heart (Mr D & Mrs T J Holmes)
BLACKPOOL [FD]23/6/23Mr LH Wilberg (Norway) Can Ch/am Ch Mardeck's Where The Magic Is at Schipdale (Imp Can) (Dr T M & Mrs L D Thorne)
EOE [FD]6/7/23Mr P SmithCh Schipdale A Kind Of Magic (Cheatham, Mrs Lesley Alison & Cheatham, Mr Andrew )
WINDSOR [HP]26/7/23Mr RS McLeod Ch Chadbower Nevaeh Lahetti (Mrs B Manners)
LEEDS [HP]28/7/23Mr J Luscott R & Am Ch GCHG CH Whispering Pines Lover boy
WKC [HP]18/8/23Mr D Guy R & Am Ch GCHG CH Whispering Pines Lover boy
CITY BHAM [HP]1/9/23Mr F Kane R & Am Ch GCHG CH Whispering Pines Lover boy
DARLINGTON [HP]15/9/23Mrs L Wilson Komargo Guiness'N'Black (Mrs BA BRADFORD)
SWKA [FD]13/10/23Mr D Robbins US & Can Ch Mardeck's Where The Magic Is at Schipdale (THORNE Mrs L & Dr TM)
SCHIPPERKE CLUB21/10/23Miss E Haapaniemi Ch Chadbower Nevaeh Lahetti (Mrs B Manners)
BUBA [FD]2/12/23Mrs K Bugg*Ch Schipdale A Kind Of Magic (Cheatham, Mrs L & Cheatham, Mr A)
LKA [HP]9/12/23Mr M Gilchrist R & Am Ch GCHG CH Whispering Pines Lover boy

Judges Reports

* denotes report available

Manchester 23*


PGD (1) 1. Donaldson’s Mazal Tov Bestseller (imp RUS). Just a fraction off square but excellent type and cobby with excellent ears and expression, good width to front, good top-line and depth and nice fine rear, lovely outline standing and moving.
LD (4,2) 1. Massey’s Ristine Magical Spice (NBT). Cream, cobby, excellent ribs and outline if a shade long, good head, eye shape and ears, a little out of coat but very typical style and movement. 2. Finch’s Ristine Starry Night AW(S). Finer dog, cheeks a little defined, excellent ears and tail, very alert and true coming and going with nice clean outline.
OD (4) 1. Thorne’s Can Ch. Mardeck’s Where The Magic Is at Schipd. Excellent size and type, he is cobby, beautiful head, excellent ears and excellent expression, he is a little forward placed in front which lengthens him slightly but does not detract from his overall outline and balance and typical movement from all directions, DCC & BOB. 2. Holmes’ All Set For Dencas Alpha Nero CPW19. Nice size, good square outline, could be a little cleaner in head, excellent ears and top-line, good bone and substance for size, cobby body, sturdy, nice brisk mover. 3. McLachlan/Plourde/MacFarlane’s Am Ch/GCHG Ch. Whispering Pines Lover Boy (imp).
VD 2(1) 1. Philpott’s Ch. Aradet Expert Timing AW(S) VW. Excellent balance and body proportions, 12 years old and in excellent body condition, cobby, big ribs, excellent top-line, tail and coat, brisk mover, liked him a lot, just a little stiff but excellent for 12 years old.
SBD (1) 1. Finch’s Ristine Starry Night AW(S). Repeat
JB (1) 1. Francis/Wyn-De-Bank’s Dutch Urielle de Wakkere Rakker NAF. Fine black bitch, good proportions and outline, excellent ears, dark eye, good top-line, nice steady brisk mover but could have a little more spring of rib and substance.
PGB (2,1) 1. Holmes’ Dencas Hold My Heart. Small bitch with lots of rib and cobby, good eyes, enough neck, good top-line, tail, coat and moves well, cheeks could be a little less pronounced.
LB (2) 1. Wilcox’ Dencas Come Dance With Me. Square, excellent, eye, expression, ears and coat, cobby and has correct proportions, keeps her outline standing and moving, very nice bitch, moves well with brisk, sound typical stride, nice outline, BCC.
OB (4,1) 1. Manners’ Ch. Chadbower Nevaeh Lahetti. Square but a little high on leg, could have a little more width in front but excellent coat, top-line and tail, dark eye but could be a little smaller, nice and brisk stride on the move holding her outline, RBCC. 2. Philpott’s Ch. Komargo Going For Gold. Cream bitch, a little shade long and out of coat, nice head, eye, ears, top-line and a nice steady mover keeping her outline standing and moving. 3. Francis/Wyn-De-Bank’s Dutch Urielle de Wakkere Rakker NAF.
SBB (1) 1. Francis/Wyn-De-Bank’s Dutch Urielle de Wakkere Rakker NAF. Repeat JB.
Mark Cocozza

Crufts 23*


VD (7) This was a great class, the first 3 were all quality champions. 1. Philpott’s Ch. Aradet Expert Timing Aws VW. This 12 year old was a dog belieing his age, a male with a good shape, great condition, liked his quality headpiece, strode around the ring with a good outline, great credit to his owner for the fit condition of this veteran, BV. 2. Cheatham’s Ch. Aradet Action Man ShCM VW. Close up on the winner being balanced of correct proportions and his sound brisk stride, good clean outline at all times, in great body condition and muscled for his age. 3. Collier’s Ch. Stoneyburn Banna.
JD (1) 1. Donaldson’s Mazal Tov Bestseller. A most pleasing shape, good headpiece, broad with little stop, dark eyes, correct ribbing, keeps top-line at all times, sound in front, correct feet, can move a little close behind at times.
PGD (1) 1. Delaporte’s Starscream of The Black Mistery. Liked his head and correct ears, sound in front, he needs to fill out and body up and gain a bit more confidence on the table, he is more relaxed on the floor and moved soundly.
LD (7) A quality class with some future stars in it. 1. Massey’s Ristine Magicial Spice (NBT). Cream with good head, dark eye and good pigment, he is stylish, firm top-line, ribbing correct, small feet, muscular and well developed thigh, rounded rump, a close contender today for one of the top honours, his future will be good. 2. Greenland’s Chadbower Niall Valio among Rajarani. A quality well balanced dog who was not so settled as above, once relaxed his outline is clean cut with commanding shape on the move, shown in top condition, not the rear of above today. 3. Hood’s Revloch Fire at Will CJW 19.
OD (12) 1. McLachlan/Morrison’s Fullmoon How Do You Like Me Now (imp USA). I was captivated by this young male when he entered the show ring, he is so confident and has a stallion presence, correct head and dark oval eye, good strong jaw, strong arched neck, well laid shoulders, legs well under the body, good broad chest, short backed, shown in fantastic condition, in full show with good mane and frill, he enjoys moving, just a great dog so well handled, DCC & BOB, his first, group shortlisted. 2. Cheatham’s Ch. Schipdale A Kind Of Magic. A very sound dog, great headpiece with sharp foxy expression, cobby, keeps top-line, in correct coat and texture, moves true fore and aft, well handled to the RDCC today. 3. Van Hijfte/Van Den Abeele’s Rin Tintin from Russia Bi Akhmet Baziev Bejch.
VB (1) 1. Delaporte’s Ib/be/lux/gib/mme Ch. Splendid Three Color Viktorius. This correct shaped bitch has a good clean outline, expressive head and ears, good strong neck into correct shoulders, a little overweight but she is a veteran who strode out with confidence.
PB (1) 1. Rollinson’s Chadbower Fell From Heaven. Great name for this puppy, good foxy head and expression, strong neck, sound front and small tight feet, firm top-line, expertly handled, should have a good future ahead, I did consider her for higher honours today, BP.
JB (2) 1. Gabuti’s Happy Della Calcinera. A cobby and clean outline shape on this youngster, most expressive head and correct eye, strong jaw, sound in front and rear and moves out well. 2. Francis/Wyn-De-Bank’s Urielle De Wakkere Rakker (imp NLD). Great headpiece full of expression being foxy like, sound front, longer cast than above, strong rear shown in good coat, correct feet, well handled.
PGB (3) 1. Holmes’ Dencas Hold My Heart. This bitch’s outline catches your eye immediately, good head proportions and great expression, well angulated shoulders, keeps her top-line at all times, good dense harsh coat, good low hocks, a great team with her handler who showed off her many attributes, RBCC. 2. Gabuti’s Happy Della Calcinera. 1st in JB. 3. Poire-Steffen’s Seven Up Gigi from The Black Mistery Int Jnr Ch/Bel Jnr Ch.
LB (4,1) 1. Gabuti’s Happy Della Calcinera. I liked this bitch a lot and now a little more relaxed in this class she looked great on the move, good make and shape, liked her expression, good top-line and strong rear, moved soundly fore and aft. 2. Francis/Wyn-De-Bank’s Urielle De Wakkere Rakker (imp NLD). Another bitch who had quality in her make and shape, in good coat and was well muscled, good tuck up and strong rear, low hocks. 3. Poire-Steffen’s Seven Up Gigi from The Black Mistery Int Jnr Ch/Bel Jnr Ch.
OB (12) This was a great class in numbers and quality. 1. McLachlan/Morrison’s Multi Ch. Fullmoon Dark Knight Rises (imp USA) NAF. A very confident show girl, the best of heads and expression, strong neck, well angulated shoulders, broad chest with good ribbing, well developed thighs giving strength and power on the move, in full show coat, her outline is superb at all times, so well handled, BCC. 2. Philpott’s Ch. Komargo Going for Gold. Cream with good pigment and in superb condition, so well balanced all through, moved out soundly being very true fore and aft, at times she just lacked a bit of enthusiasm, expertly handled, a very worthy champion.
3. Gabuti’s Zonda Della Calcinera by Atria Cordis.
K Sinclair

Birmingham (National) 23*


My thanks to exhibitors for their entries, also to my very capable stewards for their hard work.
Special Beginners Dog (1) 1 Finch’s Ristine Starry Night Aw(S). Four year old black dog. Good head and ear set, dark oval eye giving a keen expression, correct bite. Firm in body, slight tuck up, good tail carriage, tight feet. Good texture coat showing demarcation pattern. Moved well.
MPD (1) 1 Donaldson’s Zorbaloo Don Julio Eight month old black showing real promise. Pleasing overall shape, lovely head, correct ear placement, dark oval eyes with a lovely alert expression. Straight front, enough neck, good body and sound rear. Good tail carriage and neat feet. He carried a very good coat for his age which was correct in texture and showing demarcation pattern. On the move he covered the ground well with a short brisk stride. BEST PUPPY.
YD (1) 1 Donaldson’s Mazal Tov Bestseller (Imp Rus) Twenty month old black, good overall shape, compact. Good head, ear placement, dark eyes, good muzzle with correct bite. Front well placed, elbows tight, good body and sound rear. Correct coat, moved out well.
LD (3) 1 Wilson’s Schipdale Night Fall At Lyncathmor. Three year old black. Lovely head, correct ear placement, dark oval eyes, good muzzle and correct bite, typical male but not course. Front well placed, elbows tight, firm body, sound rear, good tail carriage, neat feet. Good textured jacket with required demarcation. Once settled he moved with short brisk stride. 2 Massey’s Ristine Magical Spice (NBT). This three year old cream has a lovely head, dark eyes that give a typical expression, good muzzle and correct bite. Nicely boned, firm in body, moved out well. 3 Wearing’s Blackshuck Blue Sapphire With Miofrey
OD (8,2) 1 Cheatham Ch Schipdale A Kind Of Magic Four year old black dog. This dog is nicely balanced, presents a lovely square outline. Correct head, eye and mouth, enough neck, good front, elbows tight, good chest. Short strong and straight back, good tuck up, mod turn of stifle, correct hocks, neat feet. His jacket is the correct texture with good demarcation. When he moves he covers the ground with good reach and drive. Pleased to award him CC and BOB 2 Manners Handling for Rillinson Ir Ch Jun Ir Ch Summerhaze Shafran Among Chadbower (Rus Imp) An Ch 22. Three year old black with good overall shape. Correct head, dark eyes, good muzzle, correct bite. Good neck, well placed shoulders, straight front, elbows tight. Firm body, good tuck up, firm rear with good turn of stifle, neat feet, correct jacket. He impressed me on the move with his brisk stride and good reach and drive. RESERVE CC 3 Thorne’s US and CAN Ch Mardecks Where The Magic Is At Schipdale (Imp Can)
VD (5) An impressive line up of veterans. 1 Philpott Ch Aradet Expert Timing Aw (S) Vw Twelve year old black dog in lovely hard condition. Typical head, good ear carriage, dark expressive eyes, good muzzle. Neck short and strong, sound front, good body and firm rear. Nicely boned, good feet, correct jacket. On the move he covered the ground with ease. BEST VETERAN 2 Cheatham Ch Aradet Action Man Sh. cm Vw Nine year old black in lovely condition. Presents a lovely outline with good head and ear set, dark eyes, good neck and shoulders, straight front. Good body and sound rear. Correct textured jacket, moved out very well. 3 Massey’s Ristine Tweedledee
MPB (1) 1 Forknall’s Zorbaloo Happy Hour Again At Avidore Eight month old black. She has a pretty head, well placed ears, dark mischievous eyes, correct mouth. Good front, body is coming on nicely, good tail carriage. Once settled she moved out well.
PB (1) 1 Rollinson’s Chadbower Fell From Heaven. Eleven month old black bitch not in her best dress today but you could see she had a good overall shape. Correct head, eye and mouth, nice bone, good body, moved well.
LB (2) 1 Holmes’ Dencas Hold My Heart. Two and a half year old black. Correct head and well placed ears, dark eye, very feminine. Good muzzle with correct mouth, enough neck, straight front, good firm body. Sound rear, correct jacket, moved well. 2 Moore & Nock Ristine Lunar Eclipse For Blitzstan Six year old black who also presents a good overall shape. Good head, dark eyes, correct ear placement, she too was very feminine. Good neck, nicely boned, good body, correct jacket, moved well – Two nice bitches.
OB (5,1) 1 Phillpott’s Ch Komargo Going For Gold Four year old gold bitch. Liked her size and shape, good head, ears nicely placed, keen dark eyes giving an alert expression. Correct bite, strong neck, good shoulders and straight front. Good bone structure, broad chest, firm in body, back short, straight and strong. Sound and well muscled rear, good turn of stifle, correct hocks, neat feet. Good coat texture with the required demarcation pattern. On the move showed the short brisk stride with good reach and drive.
BITCH CC 2 Mckenna & Forknall Ch Tredreas Scotia Princess Among Avidore Nice to see this bitch as I remember awarding her best puppy, now at five years of age lovely to see she gained her title. Very feminine, with a lovely head, dark eyes, good muzzle and correct bite. Neck is strong, good shoulders, into a sound front, nicely boned. Chest broad, good depth of brisket, nicely bodied, straight back, sound rear. Neat feet, good tail carriage, correct jacket and demarcation, moved very well showing short brisk stride. RESERVE BITCH CC 3 Manner’s Ch Chadbower Nevaeh Lahetti
Mrs B A Bradford

Scottish Kennel Club May 23*


I was a replacement for the appointed judge and although few were entered there were some delightful examples of the breed.
PD (1) 1 BP & RCC Donaldson’s Zorbaloo Don Julio although alone he was a good start to the day. Pleasing head, excellent eyes and expression and aided by very neat well set and carried ears. Slight arch to his neck aids his head carriage. He is well ribbed and compact in length/height ratios and scores in having a well set and carried tail. Firm in hocks, well coated and moved out quite soundly for one still in puppyhood. Should gain his crown with maturity.
PGD (1) 1 Donaldson’s Mazal Tov Bestseller (Imp Rus) pleasing head, eyes, ears and expression, very compact with an excellent spring and depth of rib. His neck could be tad longer and his backline could be firmer. He has sufficient hind angulation, is firm in hock and covers the ground well in profile. At present he is wide in front action.
OD (3,1) 1/CC & BOB McLachlan & Morrison’s Fullmoon How Do You Like Me Now. An ultra smart top quality example of the breed presented in tip top condition, oozing personality with an air of having a ball. Beautiful head and expression, I loved his size, length/height proportions, superb coat presentation and that air which suggests he is a cracking example of the breed and he knows it. Strode round the ring with such purpose. 2 Hood’s Revloch Fore At Will CJW19 such a well coated and presented chap. His head is a delight, the skull flattish, sufficient stop ample muzzle, very firm well set ears and a very appealing expression. Not the tightness in elbow and front action of the two I pout over him and on the stack his topline dips a fraction. On the credit side his rear action is so true and shows drive.
OB (2,1) 1 & CC McLachland, Plourde & Macfarlane’s Am Ch Fullmoon Makin Mischief (Imp USA) another top quality Schipp from this very successful partnership. Looks every inch the titleholder she is. Ultra feminine head and expression, super ruff, ample spring of rib, firm backed and nicely angulated hindquarters. Such good legs and feet and coat flawless in presentation, Ran her kennelmate so close for the BOB but he just edged it on the day with that air of anticipation on the stack.
VB (1) Miller’s Ch Abylity Nina’s Celtic Queen of Turnlaw (Imp) this 9 years old is a credit to her owners as she is in excellent condition throughout. Nice size and shape, pleasing head and uses her ears so well. Her jacket is evidence of much care and attention but her front action is her downfall and she moved very close behind.
Albert Wight

Bath 23*


Thanks go to my stewards who kept everything running so smoothly. Thank you to all the exhibitors for their support and the sporting way in which they accepted my decisions, the ringside atmosphere was fantastic. I had been looking forward to my appointment as it was a few years since I last judged the breed and I was pleased with the overall quality and size of those entered.
VD (4,1) 1 Ch Aradet Action Man ShCM VW (Cheatham) – in absolutely fabulous condition for age, nicely balanced dog with good head proportions and dark expressive eyes, cobby body with deep brisket and good topline, well rounded rump, nicely angulated fore and aft, moved with style and purpose. Res CC. and Best Veteran. 2 Ristine Tweedledee (Massey) balanced head with well placed ears, and pleasing expression, strong neck and good topline, not as cobby in body as winner, standing four square on neat feet, good tail carriage, moved well. 3 Ch Chadbower Finlay for Blitzstan (Moore & Nock)
MPD (1) 1 Zorbaloo Don Julio (Donaldson) – very promising puppy, well balanced throughout, nicely proportioned head with dark expressive eyes and well set ears which he used, well arched neck, cobby body of good depth and with firm topline, well angulated, moved with purpose. Best Puppy.
PGD (1) 1 Mazal Tov Bestseller (Imp Rus) (Donaldson), compact black with a masculine head and dark expressive eyes, needs to mature in body, stands on tight feet, good coat, just needs to settle on the move.
LD (2) 1 Ristine Magical Spice (nbt) (Massey) – Cream with good head, dark eyes and good pigment but was not using his ears to best advantage, strong neck and firm topline with good depth to his cobby body, well muscled, brisk mover. 2 Blackshuck Blue Saphire with Miofrey (Wearing) – larger dog than winner, pleasing head and expression and good mouth, strong arched neck and good feet, good depth to body but would like more spring, good tail set, not moving as well as winner
OD (6,2) 1 Can Ch/am Ch Mardeck’s Where The Magic Is at Schipdale (Imp Can) (Thorne) – Excellent type with a beautiful head, correct ears, dark expressive eyes and lovely expression, he has a good strong body, which is cobby and with good depth of brisket and ribs extend well back, stands four square on neat feet, nicely angulated rear with rounded rump, totally intent on his handler but he does look up when moving which at times affects his front movement, lovely jacket. In excellent condition throughout. Was pleased to award him the C.C. and was delighted to learn it was his third. 2 Avidore Putin On The Style (Forknall) – well balanced black who presented a lovely outline, nicely proportioned head, dark expressive eyes, well set ears, strong arched neck set into good shoulders, with plenty of width and depth to ribcage, strong loin and muscled hindquarters, just needs to hold himself better on the move. 3 Ch Schipdale A Kind of Magic (Cheatham)
MPB (1) 1 Zorbaloo Happy Hour Again at Avidore (Forknall & Forknall & Holland & Holland) – litter sister to the best puppy, she is a handful and gave her owner a hard time. She is very pretty with good head proportions, well placed ears, dark mischievous eyes, correct mouth, just needs to mature in body but shows great promise, needs to settle on table and once she stopped being a busy body moved well.
PB (1) 1 Chadbower Fell from Heaven (Rollinson) – feminine throughout, lovely head of correct proportions, dark expressive eyes and a pretty expression, and with well set erect ears, strong arched neck of good length, solid body of ample depth but would like more forechest, moved with purpose.
LB (2) 1 Dencas Hold My Heart (Holmes) – what a stunner, totally feminine black who is so well balanced and on her toes all the time, super head and expression, strong slightly arched neck set into good shoulders with forelegs well set under her cobby body, short strong back with well rounded rump and nicely angulated rear to match her front which enabled her to move with brisk precision, excellent jacket which was well presented, lovely size, was delighted to award her the C.C. and B.O.B, pleased to watch her put on a great performance in the group. 2 Ristine Lunar Eclipse for Blitzstan (Moore & Nock) – well balanced black, good head proportions and lovely expression, well made body of good depth and with good spring of rib but she is just a bit overdone in front and so moved wide, tight feet, brisk mover.
OB (4,1) 1 Ch Tredreas Scotia Princess among Avidore (Mckenna & Mckenna & Forknall) – stylish bitch who is nicely put together and with a lovely head, dark expressive eyes and correct ear placement, strong neck and deep body with rounded ribcage, neat tight feet, moved well. Reserve C.C. 2 Mardeck’s Shimmering Oasis for Schipdale (Imp Can) (Thorne) – another quality bitch, more of her than the winner but she is well balanced throughout, she has a feminine head and dark expressive eyes with well set erect ears, strong slightly arched neck, with good body and lovely feet, in excellent coat and condition, moved soundly 3 Ch Chadbower Nevaeh Lahetti (Manners)
Miss Carol Harwood

Blackpool 23

East of England 23

Windsor 23*


It was my pleasure to be with this charming breed, and its dedicated owners, once again.My compliments to all. Those who were unable to support their breed here missed a good day.
V D/B (1) 1 & BV Massey’s Ristine Tweedledee, 7 year old providing a pleasing outline. Nicely balanced head with alert expression. Bright sparkling eyes, ears correctly set. Strong neck. Well ribbed body, level topline, in fair coat. Moved ok, a little untidy in front.
PD (1,0) 1, RCC & BP Donaldson’s Zorbaloo Don Julio, What a little cracker this 9 month old lad is.He has a super cobby body with a delightful head giving that alert outlook of the breed. Darkest of oval eyes. Strong erect ears. He has an excellent bite. Nice legs and tidy feet. Nicely ribbed for age and has a good topline and good tailset. In quite a profuse coat, texture still to develop. Smart brisk sound movement, true bothways. He must have a bright future.
LD (2,0) Two nice examples 1 Donaldson’s Mazal Tov Bestseller (Rus Imp), ideal size and shape. Good head proportions.Good legs,well ribbed body. Moderate rear angulation.Moved ok behind.Presented good profile on the move.Nicely presented jacket. 2 Massey’s Ristine Magical Spice, Cream who caught my eye on entering the ring. He is very typy with a lovely expressive head, good eyes and used his ears well on the floor.Nice legs and tidy feet, nicely ribbed, level topline. Moderate rear angulation. Ok coming but his rear movement was the deciding factor in the class. He holds himself well in profile.
OD (2,0) 1 & CC Cheatham’s Ch Schipdale A Kind Of Magic, One I have had my hands on previously and he didn’t disappoint. He’s an ideal size, compact and cobby, looks a picture stacked.He has a lovely head well proportioned, with dark oval eyes,ears well set. Nice legs and good feet.Well ribbed body,good topline and good tailset .He was carrying a thick and dense jacket which was well presented. Moved well with a smart brisk action. In the challenge for BOB I preferred the bitch’s precision,but never the less he is a very fine specimen of the breed. 2 Rollinson & Manners’ Ir Ch & Ir Jun Ch Summerhaze Shafran Among Chadbower (Rus Imp), great shape with lovely alert expressive head, good eye and bite.Nice legs and feet. Well ribbed with good topline.Moderate rear angulation, moved nicely in front and OK behind, Presented in a good jacket Lost out to the maturity of 1.
JB (1,0) 1 & RCC Rollinson’s Chadbower Fell From Heaven, just out of puppy and rather out of coat but she has a lovely profile and a lovely sweet feminine head of good proportions She has bone in proportion to her build and has tidy feet. She uses her neck well on the move. Fair rib for age and level topline, would prefer a slightly higher tailset. She moves with a light brisk sound action.
OB (1,0) 1 & CC & BOB Manners’ Chadbower Nevaeh Lahett,I One I have had the pleasure to go over about 5 years ago and she is now a lovely exhibit. She is very feminine, compact and displaying some elegance on the move. She has a lovely expressive head, good ears, correct bite. Straight front with good feet. Nicely ribbed body and level topline, moderate rear angulation. Scores on the move with accurate movement both fore and aft. Like a few exhibits was not in her best coat today.It’s a problem showing the breed at this time of the year but leaves nothing to hide.
Rob McLeod (Dunline)

Leeds 23

Welsh Kennel Club 23*


VD (3) 1 Cheatham & Cheatham, Ch Aradet Action Man Sh.CM VW. This 91/2 black dog is well off for breed type, well balanced head, dark eye, strong muscular neck, well ribbed body, carrying a little too much body today. Coat of correct texture, he was true out and back and retained his outline in profile movement. 2 Philpott, Ch Aradet Expert Timing AW(S) VW. 12 ½ dog presented in very good order and carrying his age well. Dark eye and good expression, firm topline and good quarters, he was true coming towards but a touch unsettled going away. He too presented a super silhouette when circling the ring but not the length of stride of the winner. He was handled to get the very best from him. Rollinson, Ir Ch Fin Fandal’s Un Amor For Chadbower (Fin Imp).
LD (1) 1 Hall, Chadbower Drew Of Ghilgrange. 4 ½ dog who gave a good account of himself, keen alert expression, decent legs and feet, sufficient rib, could be a touch shorter in loin for me. He used his headquarters to advantage and strode out well, sound coming and going. Coat of good texture and well presented.
OD (6) 1 Mclachlan & Plourde, J & Macfarlane, Am Ch GCHG CH Whispering Pines Lover boy (Imp USA) This black dog headed a class of quality. At 9 ½ years he still retains that look of quality and style which gives the impression that he is half his age. Presented in good coat and condition and handled to advantage. A well-balanced head with a dark eye, correct mouth, strong over the neck and shoulder, true front, good legs and feet. Well ribbed body, strong over the loin, good hindquarters, standing over him he gives the correct pear shape. When asked to move he was true coming and going and circled the ring with great carriage and style. Pleased top award him the Dog CC, BOB. BVIB 2 Thorne & Thorne, Can/Am Ch/Ch Mardeck’s Where The Magic Is. This black dog also gave a good account of himself and has many desired qualities for the breed. Well balanced masculine head without being course, strong neck, decent front assembly, can appear a touch wide when standing but this was not evident on the move. He was true both ways and strode out well in profile movement. He too was presented in good order and has a coat of good texture. Pleased to award him Res CC in good company. 3 Cheatham & Cheatham, Ch Schipdale A Kind Of Magic
VB (1) 1 Bugg, Ch Komargo Fearless Florence. Although she stood alone in this class, she made the best of herself. Coat of good texture, feminine head, well placed eye, and ears. Solid well ribbed body, rounded rump. Well-developed hindquarters which she used on the move, could be a touch more positive coming towards but was good going away. She too retained her outline in profile.
PB (1) 1 Forknall & Forknall & Holland, Zorbaloo Happy Hour Again At Avidore. Another promising youngster true to breed type, quality head and eye, sufficient bone for size, coat coming along nicely and of correct texture, well bibbed and carried sufficient body. On the move she strode out well coming and going using her hindquarters well. Looked good in profile movement.
JB (2) 1 Mclachlan & Morrison, Fullmoon Winds Of Winter (Imp USA) 7 months and well off for breed type, she presents a good silhouette standing and on the move. Dark eye, good mouth, just needs to fill out a little under the eye. Good over the neck and shoulder, good legs and feet, well ribbed and carried a good body. Good hindquarters, coat of good texture, she was sound and typical on the move. Best Puppy in Breed. 2 Rollinson, Chadbower Fell From Heaven. 13 months black, good head with lovely dark eye which enhances the expression, well off for body and bone, coat of good texture, she was good coming towards but I would like a little more drive from the rear, well-handled to get the best from her.
PGB (1) 1 Hall, Roopec’s Gonna Get ya With Ghilgrange. Quality head with a lovely expression, well placed ears, decent front, good legs and feet but maybe could have a little Strong well ribbed body, good in good order. She was typical on the move striding out well.
LB (2) 1 McKenna, Tredreas Orchid Princess. This black impressed me for breed type, well balanced throughout with a quality head and eye, good body properties, good legs and feet. She could be more settled in the ring but eventually she moved out true coming and going and displayed a good length of stride in profile. 2 Holmes, Dencas Hold My Heart Another nice girl but not quite the balance of the first, typical head, dark eye, sufficient bone, good feet, well ribbed body, coat in good order. On the move she was ok coming towards but could have a touch more drive from the rear.
OB (5) 1 Mclachlan & Morrison, & Plou, Am Ch Multi Fullmoon Makin Mischief (Imp USA) This 7 ½ black is of good breed type and is well balanced throughout. Dark eye, good expression, well-constructed front, solid well ribbed body, strong hindquarters, she was true coming and going and strode out well in profile. Pleased to award her the CC, she was a good match for the dog. 2 Mckenna & Forknall, Ch Tredreas Scotia Princess Among Avidore. 5 years mature girl with man breed qualities, feminine head, well boned front with good legs and feet. Coat of good texture and well presented. Solid well ribbed body, on the move she was accurate coming and going and gave a good picture in profile. Pleased to award her Res CC. 3 Philpott, Ch Komargo Going For Gold.
David Guy

City of Birmingham 23*


A great pleasure to judge the breed again, like many breeds the nucleus of breeders and exhibitors is diminishing and I appreciate the work that these do to keep the breed going, today was a triumph for Avenson bred dogs who scored in their cobbiness and shape, I found too many exhibits which were leggy or long on the day, temperament was genuinely very good. Many thanks to my stewards Cathy and Tony Jenkins.
VD (5) Good class to start the day. 1 McLachlan/Plourde/MacFarlane’s Am Ch/GCHG Ch. Whispering Pines Lover Boy (imp). 9 years old, presented in great form and presenting an excellent outline, cobby but correct shape, correct bone and good feet, excellent movement, good texture and excellent pattern to coat, I might prefer his foreface a touch shorter but this was far outweighed by his qualities, DCC, BV & BOB and Group 4. 2 Rollinson’s Ir Ch. Fin Fandal’s Un Amor for Chadbower (imp FIN). 9 years, small, compact and with very good head and eye, not quite the rib of the winner, went well, coat excellent, very good head, eye and ears. 3 Cheatham’s Ch. Aradet Action Man ShCM VW. PD (1) 1 Donaldson’s Zorbaloo Don Julio. 11 months, without his coat at the moment and looking leggy, good head proportions, dark oval eyes and neat ears, needs to drop in body now, good rear movement, his front assembly is a little upright.
LD (3) 1 Massey’s Ristine Magical Spice (NBT). 3 years, cream dog who is top size for my interpretation but he has many breed qualities in head piece, cobby body, good coat pattern and he was the best mover in this class, carrying maximum body. 2 Hall’s Chadbower Drew of Chilgrange. 4 years old, smaller dog but a little long for balance and not the front angulation or movement of the winner, brisk gait, correct bone and feet. 3 Donaldson’s Mazal Tov Bestseller (imp RUS).
OD (7,1) 1 Thorne’s Can/Am Ch/Ch. Mardeck’s Where The Magic Is. 4 years, I liked him best in this class for size and proportions, good skull, eyes and ears, good coat texture and pattern, his front assembly is forward placed, could carry a little more rib, went smartly, RDCC. 2 Massey’s Ristine Tweedledee. 7 years old – he is a little long for balance but he has a lot of qualities I liked in head and eyes, where I preferred his muzzle to winner, held a good top-line, in good coat, brisk, accurate movement. 3 Cheatham’s Ch. Schipdale A Kind Of Magic.
VB (1) 1 Bugg’s Ch Komargo Fearless Florence. 7 years old – lovely breed type with cobby body, good chest and ribcage and a very good mover, good skull and ears, eye could be a shade darker, excellent movement, just a touch short in the leg for perfect balance but I liked her enormously.
PB (2) 1 Forknall/Holland’s Zorbaloo Happy Hour Again at Avidore. 11 months, very typy with good outline, head piece and coat pattern, needs time to develop in chest, good rear action, needs more upper arm which shows in her front action – but she has a lot of promise. 2 Chilgrange Hanky Panky. 6 months old on her first outing and overawed in the noisy hall and by the grates under the carpeting, she has a wedge shaped head, dark eyes, good rib for her age and excellent coat, movement and carriage will be better when she gains confidence.
JB (2) 1 McLachlan/Morrison’s Fullmoon Winds Of Winter (Imp USA). 8 months, beautiful body shape with rib, coat pattern and excellent quarters, her muzzle is too fine at the moment and needs to strengthen, excellent carriage, her front action is a little loose but she has great type and promise for the future, won BP on cobbiness and coat, BJ. 2 Rollinson’s Chadbower Fell From Heaven. 14 months, a well constructed bitch with good shoulder and upper arm so her front legs are under her body, she is at a teenage stage in body and looking a little long for balance, better head than the winner but not the compactness, time will benefit her.
PGB (1) 1 Hall’s Roopec’s Gonna Get Ya with Chilgrange. 3 years old, very typy with cobby body and good coat pattern and a very accurate brisk stride, wedge shaped head, I liked her a lot.
LB (3,1) Two very different types. 1 Massey’s Ristine Cinderella. I liked her cobbiness and coat pattern and very good movement, she is carrying maximum weight which made her look a little heavy without any tuck up, good head and eye, very sound on the move. 2 Holmes’ Dencas Hold My Heart. 2 year old, smaller bitch who moves smartly with brisk action, I liked her size but would prefer a little more leg, good rib, I preferred the coat pattern of the winner as her open coat detracted from her top-line.
OB (5,1) 1 McLachlan/Morrison/Plou’s Am Ch. Multi Fullmoon Makin Mischief (imp USA). 5 years, stood out here for cobbiness and carriage although her foot stride is a little exaggerated for the breed, well made with front legs well under her, good rear, full of quality, lovely head proportions, scored over the DCC in head but gave way on movement, BCC. 2 McKenna/Forknall’s Ch. Tredreas Scotia Princess among Avidore. 5 years old, I liked her balance, cobbiness, good chest and rib and has some layback of upper arm, sound movement, her coat could have been a little harder but I liked her overall type very much, RBCC. 3 Philpott’s Ch Komargo Going For Gold.
Frank Kane

Darlington 23*


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all exhibitors and my excellent steward for an enjoyable day.
VD (4,1) 1 Collier, Ch Stoneyburn Banna. Well balanced boy with pleasing masculine head, correct eye colour and shape, neat firm ears, cobby body, coat of good texture, well angulated rear, moved and showed very well. BV. 2 Cheatham, Ch Aradet Action Man. Another lovely boy with typical head and expression, dark oval eyes,short cobby body with good rear angulation preferred the movement of 1 today. 3 Massey’s Ristine Tweedledee.
PGD (1) 1 Hall Chadbower Drew Of Ghilgrange. Little apprehensive today, masculine head, cobby body, string straight back, well angulated rear, moved ok.
LD (2,1) 1 Massey Ristine Magical Spice. Handsome cream boy, dark expressive eye with overall good pigmentation, short strong back, well let down hocks, showed and moved well.
OD (8,2) 1 Bradford Kamargo Guiness N’ Black. Caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring, well balanced dog, super masculine head with expressive dark eye of good shape, neat firm ears which he used all the time, strong neck with sloping shoulders, level topline which he held on the stand and on the move, correct rear angulation, moving round the ring covering the ground well, very sound and a real showman. Very pleased to award him his 2nd CC and BOB. 2 Thorne Can Ch/AM Ch/Ch. Mardeck’s Where The Magic Is At Schipdale. Another very nice dog, balanced with dark expressive eye, well placed erect ears, strong neck, sloping shoulders, level topline which he held on the move, movement sound and another proper showman. RCC. 3 Forknall Avidore Putin On The Style.
VB (3) 1 Reed Stonyburn Arbeia. Feminine head, dark eye, level topline, good rear angulation, coat of correct texture, moved and showed well. 2 Bugg Ch. Kamargo Fearless Florence. Smaller bitch than 1, lovely head with dark expressive eye, level back, cobby body with coat of correct texture, preferred the movement of 1 today. 3 Reed Stoneyburn Maia.
PB (1) 1 Hall Ghilgrange Hanky Panky. Just six months and finding everything very daunting, she has a feminine head, well balanced body, on the move she was unsettled but her movement was sound. Needs time and patience. BP.
JB (2) 1 Forknall & Holland’s Zorbaloo Happy Hour Again At Avidore. Promising young bitch with lots to like about her, gorgeous head with dark expressive and correct shaped eyes, neat firm ears, level topline, sloping shoulders, cobby body, very well handled both on the stand and on the move. One to watch. 2 Rollinson Chadbower Fell From Heaven. Another beautiful bitch feminine head with dark expressive and correct shaped eye, neat ears well placed,cobby body, lovely outline, very well handled, there was a lot to like about these two bitches but preferred the movement of 1 today.
PGB (1) 1 Hall Roopec’s Gonna Get Ya At Ghilgrange. Expressive dark eye of correct shape, well balanced body with enough rear angulation. Moved and showed okay, felt she wasn’t enjoying her day out.
LB (2) 1 Holmes Dencas Hold My Heart. Quality bitch with beautiful feminine head, lovely shaped dark eyes, neat firm ears which she used all the time, good shoulder placement, cobby body with coat of correct texture, tail carried over back, lovely outline, moved and showed very well. RCC. 2 Mckenna Tredreas Orchid Princess. Unfortunately this bitch was spooked by something in the next ring which effected her showing. She is a beautiful bitch with so many good qualities, femine head, dark eyes, correct coat texture, good body and angulation, just very unsettled on the move.
OB (3) 1 Mckenna & Forknall Ch Tredreas Scotia Princess Among Avidore. A very smart well balanced bitch, beautiful head with dark expressive eye of correct shape, neat firm ears, shoulders well placed, level toppling, cobby body, well rounded rump, correct rear angulation. Showed and moved very well. Very pleased to award her the BCC. 2 Thorne Ch Mardeck’s Shimmering Oasis For Schipdale. Femine bitch with dark expressive eye, neat firm ears, sloping shoulders, level topline, well balanced body with well developed rear, very enthusiastic on the move, preferred the head of 1. 3 Manners Ch Chadbower Nevaeh Lahetti.
Mrs Linda Wilson

South Wales Kennel Assoc 23

Schipperke Club Ch October 23*


I would like to thank the Schipperke Club for the kind invitation to judge the Championship Show. I always consider it a great honour to judge a breed club championship show. I also wish to thank Mrs. Melanie Reed-Peck for the smooth arrangements and Club President, Mr. Ian Millar for travelling down all the way from Scotland to chauffeur me around! We had a few anxious moments due to poor weather in Europe and delayed flights, but all ended well. Roade Village Hall proved an excellent venue. Hospitality was excellent and I wish to thank Mr. David Matthews and his able team for a lovely lunch. Mrs. Karen Brooks and Mr. John Moate were my excellent stewards. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, the generous applause and sporting exhibitors. Many thanks for my much appreciated judge’s gift, a beautiful pen with my name engraved on it. I last judged the breed in 2015 at City of Birmingham and hence most of the dogs were new to me. I appreciated the good number of dogs shown under me. I found a great deal of variation in type and proportions, particularly in the lower classes. I found a good number of rather round eyes instead of the desired oval shape, Most had the correct amount of bone. I was looking for a square, cobby dog, but found a number of dogs a little long further accentuated by strong rear angulation. Temperaments were really excellent; a few of the younger set would benefit from ringcraft classes. My dog CC winner was the amazing Special Vintage Veteran, CH. Aradet Expert Timing. He fully deserved this win as he is an outstanding breed representative and is so fresh despite his age. I was pleased to learn that he is not just a pretty face, but the proud sire of my res.CC winner in bitches, the cream CH. Komargo Going for Gold, also from the top drawer. I also very much liked my res.CC dog, CH. Stoneyburn Banna. His sisters did well in Special Veteran Bitch; what a trio of quality Schipps! My Best in Show and CC winner in bitches was the delightful CH. Chadbower Nevaeh Lahetti, a gorgeous black bitch and a clever show girl, who was very much on her toes in the final challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed this appointment and would like to wish you all well in promoting this super breed. PD (1) 1 Thorne’s Schipdale Barnaby, eight month old masculine promising black puppy with lovely temperament. Excellent head shape, well set and carried ears.Eye just a little round. Correct amount of bone. At this stage just a little long cast. Moved typically and well. Very good coat. Best Puppy in Show JD (1)1 Donaldson’s Zorbaloo Don Julio, 13 month old black dog who needs a little more confidence and ring training. Shown in rather sparse coat. Correct skull and muzzle. Dark eye which is a little round. Pleasing bone. A little short in ribcage and long in loin. Strong rear angulation which affects his balance a little. Moved well for age. PGD (1) 1 Donaldson’s Mozal Tov Bestsellar (NBT) (Imp Rus), two year old black dog who is very square. A very strong dog and heavy for his age. Quality head, dark eyes, would prefer better shape, very good ears. A little stuffy in neck. Would prefer a better front and his front movement is rather wide. Coat a little fluffy. LD (5) 1 Wilson’s Schipdale Night Fall at Lyncathmor, four year old black dog of excellent type. Very happy and perky, showed well. Carried himself to advantage. Correct square outline. Excellent head shape. Dark eye, would prefer slightly better shape. Well balanced and typical dog who also moved well. 2 Massey’s Ristine Tweedledee, seven year old masculine black dog. Beautiful head shape, dark eye and excellent expression. Good ears. Correct amount of bone. Very good body. Sound mover. Correct coat. 3. Hall’s Chadbower Drew of Ghilgrange, five year old black dog. Very typical, but could show better. Square in outline. Pleasing head, medium brown eye. Very good ears. Nice bone. Adequate rear. Good coat. OD (7, 1)1 Forknall’s Avidore Putin on the Style, black dog approaching seven years of age. Plenty to like about this dog, but gave his handler a tough time! Lovely type, well balanced. Just a few white hairs on his chest. Excellent head, very good keen expression, although I would prefer more oval eye. Good bone. Excellent body. Rear angulation a tad strong. The best mover in this class & carried himself to advantage. Very good coat texture. 2 Massey’s Ristine Magical Spice, almost four year old cream dog who I liked a great deal. Square in outline. Quality typical head. Dark oval eye giving the desired expression. He is very well bodied and cobby. Good rear. Would prefer better front movement and his feet are a little flat. Very good coat quality. 3 Hood’s Revloch Fire at Will CJW19, five year old black masculine dog, who could have performed with a little more enthusiasm. Pleasing head, mediuim brown eye, well carried ears. Correct amount of bone. Excellent body. A little close going away. Very good coat. Open Dog Any Other Colour (1) 1. Massey’s Ristine Magical Spice, 2nd. in OD – please see notes above. Champion Dog (4,2) 1 Collier’s CH. Stoneyburn Banna, seven year old black of excellent breed type. Masculine, handsome male who showed very well. Lively and alert as called for in the breed standard. Excels in head, would prefer slightly darker eye for perfection, but the shape is correct. Well carried ears. Correct bone. Just a little long in loin. Excellent mover. Very good coat texture. Happy to award him a very well deserved res.CC 2. Thorne’s AM & CAN CH Mardeck’s Where the Magic is at Schipdale (Imp Can), Six year old smaller black dog of very different type. Excellent temperament. Shown in somewhat light body condition. Excellent head shape & super dark eye and excellent expression. Correct bone. Would like to see a better front assembly on him. Rather skimming movement, not entirely breed specific. Special Veteran Dog (Under 10 years (6,1) 1. Collier’s Stoneyburn Banna, 1st. in Champion Dog – please see notes above. 2. Rollinson’s FIN/IR CH. Fandal’s Un Amor for Chadbower (Imp FIN), I see he is an import from a well-known kennel in my native Finland. Nine year old happy and lively veteran dog who showed very well. Black dog, excellent type, correct square outline. Beautiful head, dark eye of correct shape and super expression. Bone a tad strong. Correct mover, carried himself well. Coat texture a little soft. 3. Massey’s Ristine Tweedledee, 2nd. in Limit Dog – please see notes above Special Vintage Dog (Over 10 years of age) (2,1) 1 Philpott’s CH. Aradet Expert Timing VW AW (S), such a wonderful Special Vintage Dog at 12,5 years! Just took my breath away as he ticks all boxes. I know Schipperkes age very well, but this dog is in amazing condition and a credit to his owner. Handsome black dog of outstanding breed type. So well balanced and just oozes quality and breed type. Showed very well. Lovely head with dark expressive eyes. Correct bone. Very good coat quality. Outstanding mover. I see he is by my BOB at City of Birmingham in 2015, CH.Chatelet Aradet Rugby. I was equally delighted to learn that my res.CC winner in bitches was by Expert Timing. Won a very well deserved CC & Reserve Best in Show A wonderful breed representative. Good Citizen Dog (1) 1. Philpott’s CH. Aradet Expert Timing VW AW (S), 1st. in Special Vintage Dog – please see notes above. MPB (1) 1 Hall’s Ghilgrange Hanky Panky, seven+ month old black bitch puppy who needs a little more confidence. This will come with age and training, I am sure. Could carry herself to better advantage and is long cast at the moment. Feminine, typical head, dark oval eye. Correct bone. Rear angulation a little strong at this stage. PB (1) 1 Hall’s Ghilgrange Hanky Panky, 1st. in Minor Puppy Bitch – please see notes above. JB (1) 1 Forknall & Holland’s Zorbaloo Happy Hour Again at Avidore, 13 month old black junior who promises well. Feminine and pretty with lively temperament. Excels in type and is well balanced for age. Very typical and correct head, excellent dark eye, well carried ears. Balanced quarters fore and aft. Very good mover. SpYB (1) 1 Rollinson’s Chadbower Fell from Heaven, 15 month old black. Not in full coat. A little hesitant and needs more self confidence and training. At this stage a little long. Good skull, but needs more strength in foreface. Dark eye of correct shape. Quality bone. Rear angulation a little strong. PGB (1) 1. Hall’s Roopec’s Gonna Get Ya with Ghilgrange (NBT), three+ year old black with lovely temperament. A little plump and would be to better advantage in harder muscle tone. Just a little long cast. Good flat skull and well carried ears, eye enough dark, just a little fine in muzzle. Good bone. Needs to improve in rear. LB (3) 1 Holmes’ Dencas Hold My Heart, two and half year old feminine black bitch. Honest and correct in many ways. Square in outline and well bodied. Would prefer better tail set. Quality head of correct proportions, very good eye and expression, neat ears. Correct bone. Moved well. 2. Massey’s Ristine Cinderella, five and half year old black bitch, excellent type and has quality, but shown rather plump, so had to pay the penalty! Very beautiful head with good expression, excels in eye. Correct bone. Moved well despite her extra weight, but would look better in leaner condition. Correct coat quality. 3 Forknall’s Blackshuck Purple Audace at Avidore, five and half year old bitch who was in a somewhat exuberant mood and would not settle in movement. Pleasing head shape, medium brown eye. Correct bone. Coat not at its best. Movement a little challenging to assess! OB (1) 1 Forknall’s Schojan Reve d’Or at Avidore, 10 year old cream bitch. Rather heavy overall. Really lovely head with excellent dark eye of correct shape. Neat,well carried ears. Typical bone. Neck a little stuffy. Would like a better rear and more power in her rear movement. Good coat. Open Bitch Any Other Colour (3) 1. Philpott’s CH. Komargo Going for Gold, five year old top drawer cream bitch. Such a neat little package! I fail to understand why this colour is not acceptable under FCI. This little cream oozes breed type and is so very typical. Carried herself to advantage. Feminine from top to toe. Beautiful head with excellent dark oval eye. Correct bone. Well-made ribcage and good body. Excellent coat quality. I wish she had a touch more hind angulation. Lovely bitch to go over and very pleased to award her the res. CC & Best A.O.C. in Show 2 Donaldson’s CH. Zorbaloo Concrete Blond, nine and half year old feminine cream bitch of correct type and outline. Typical bone. Pleasing head. Would prefer her with better angulation fore and aft. Good coat. Moved well. 3 Forknall’s Schojan Reve d’Or at Avidore, 1st. in Open Bitch – please see notes above. Champion Bitch (5,1) 1. Manners’ CH. Chadbower Nevaeh Lahetti, six year old very beautiful top class black bitch who is so very typical and well balanced. Shown in lovely bloom. Proud showgirl with outgoing temperament. Beautiful feminine head, super eye and expression. Neat, well carried ears. Correct amount of bone. Well-made body. Correctly angulated, sound quarters. Excellent easy typical mover. The more I looked at her, the more I liked her. CC Never stopped showing and I was happy to award her Best in Show. 2 Philpott’s CH. Komargo Going for Gold, 1st. in Open Bitch Any Other Colour – please see notes above. 3 Thorne’s CH. Mardeck’s Shimmering Oasis for Schipdale (Imp Can), six year old black feminine bitch. A little leggier than 1st. & 2nd. She is nicely made and a good mover. Head is a little narrow all through and needs more strength in foreface. Dark eye, just a little round in shape. Special Veteran Bitch (Under 10 years of age) (6,3)1 Reed’s Stoneyburn Maia, I was not surprised that 1st. and 2nd. are litter sisters as they are very alike with little to separate them. Shown in excellent condition. Feminine, typical and well-balanced. Quality head, eye reasonably dark. Very nicely made. Good coat texture. Scored in movement over her sister. 2. Reed’s Stoneyburn Arbeia, so similar to Maia! Same remarks apply. Arbeia’s eye is a tad lighter than Maia’s and she has stronger rear angulation. She also has many qualities, but could not match Maia’s movement. 3 Brook’s & Davis Ristine Gold Pandora at Ridgebrook, eight year old cream shown in slightly heavy condition. Did not enjoy her day out and hence did not show well. Head is a little short, dark eye, excellent nose pigmentation. Not moving to advantage. Special Vintage Bitch (Over 10 years of age) (2) 1 Bugg’s CH. Byquy Black Carat, 12 year old delightful black veteran, but shown rather plump! Typical and square in outline. Beautiful head shape, dark eye and good expression. Very good coat quality. Excellent mover especially considering her extra weight and age. 2. Wearing’s Aradet Xotic Dancer, 12 year old black veteran bitch, who was also rather heavy and looked a little low on the leg. Nice head with good dark eye. Decent mover. Good Citizen Bitch (1) 1. Reed’s Stoneyburn Maia, 1st. in Veteran Bitch – please see notes above.
Elina Haapaniemi


Firstly may I thank the committee for inviting me to judge the Special Awards classes at their show, everyone was very welcoming and the show was well run with a fabulous atmosphere throughout the day, many thanks to my stewards and also to the exhibitors for allowing me the honour of judging your dogs and taking all my decisions with good heart. SP YD/b (3) 1 Thorne Schipdale Barnaby 9 month old male, has a super foxy expression, with correct dark brown oval eyes giving that all important intelligent expression. Excellent ears well placed and carried correctly, strong jaws with perfect bite. strong well arched neck set on well placed shoulders, good straight topline and well muscled rear with good angles throughout. Moving very well round the ring and I am sure his best is yet to come. 2 Donaldson Zorbaloo Don Julio 13 month old male Fabulous expression with dark well shaped eyes, well placed ears and used them well, good jaw and teeth, very well put together and moved well, just a little finer than 1. 3 Rollinson Chadblower Fell From Heaven, 15 month bitch lovely expression, although I would prefer a little more padding on the face, she moved very well alas a little out of coat today. SP Ld/b (3] 1 Donaldsons Mozal Tov Bestsellar (NBT) (IMP RUS) 2 year old male, just a touch over weight and this affected his movement slightly, but a fabulous expression with well shaped eyes a good mouth and correct ears which he used very well, moved with purpose. 2 Finch Ristine Starry Night AW(S) 5 year old male loved his expression with good eyes, ears and mouth, a little finer in build and not quite the coat of 1. 3 Halls Roopec’s Gonna Get Ya With Ghillgrange (NBT) 2 year old bitch alas owner left the ring before I could write a critique. SP Od/b (12,2) 1 Thorne Ch Mardeck’s Shimmering Oasis for Schipdale(IMP CAN ) 6 year old bitch, beautiful head with very correct foxy expression, lovely dark well shaped eyes and ears, which she used very well, good strong mouth, good arch to her neck leading to straight topline , beautifully put together and moved really well round the ring. 2 Hoods Revloch Fire at Will CJW19 6 year old bitch, a little heavier than 1 but this didn’t stop her moving well, she has a lovely expression, and good ears and mouth, a little bigger than my 1st. 3 Philpott CH Komargo Going for Gold, 5 year old gold bitch, I loved her enthusiasm she makes a fabulous shape and moves so very true. Once again many thank to the exhibitors for bringing their delightful dogs for me to judge.
Anne Fitzakerly

British Utility Breeds Association 23*

BUBA Ch 2nd December 2023 – SCHIPPERKES

I would like to thank the BUBA committee, all exhibitors, and my hard-working stewards on this occasion of my first judging appointment awarding CCs, making it altogether an enjoyable day.

PD (1) 1. Thorne & Thorne’s Schipdale Barnaby. This 10-month black boy may a pleasing picture standing with the cobby appearance required for the breed. His coat had a good texture and length, being short and smooth on head, ears and neck, then lying close on back and side. He is already showing a good thick mane and frill and has the required culottes on the back of his thighs. He has a nice masculine head with dark eyes of good shape and topped with neat ears. Teeth have a good bite. He has a very good front-piece standing square fore and aft and that showed in his movement in all directions. A lovely puppy with a good future. Pushed hard for RCC, awarded Best puppy.
Limit dog (3) 1. Wilson’s Schipdale Nightfall at Lyncathmor, 4 years old. The standard states the breed is intensely lively and alert and this describes this boy to a tee, he took a little while to settle when he entered the ring and on the on the move. I would have preferred him to be slightly shorter in back. His coat was good with typical breed demarcation, good length and harsh to the touch. Liked his masculine head, complete with well-shaped eyes of a good colour and small ears. He has a good length of neck leading to well-placed shoulders and elbows tight to chest. Movement , once settled, was brisk and true.
2. Donaldson’s Mazal Tov Bestseller (IMP RUS) NBT 2 years old. Of a smaller size than 1st, well trained with many good breed points, a nice topline and well-rounded rump. I would have preferred a harsher coat texture and less of it as made him look somewhat short in neck and he is not. His head was masculine and he had a lovely shape to his eyes, and neat ears. Standing foursquare he has a good spring of rib. Moved briskly around the ring with good rear action.
OD (4) 1. Cheatham & Cheatham’s Ch Schipdale A Kind Of Magic. 5 years old.
A dog I have had the pleasure of judging before and today he showed his socks off, both standing and on the move. He is of a good size and has a super cobby body shape. His coat is of good texture and is harsh when crinkled between the fingers, although not in the fullest of coats today he still has all the qualities one is looking for in the Schipperke coat pattern. He has a lovely head and expression, dark eyes of correct shape and neat, expressive ears. His neck leads to well-placed shoulders and straight front legs placed well under the body. His chest is broad and deep in brisket. His short back leads to muscular rump and well set on tail. Movement was good in all directions with a brisk gait. Pleased to award him the CC and Best of Breed.,
2. Massey’s Ristine Magical Spice a 4-year-old cream NBT. I liked this dog as a youngster and today he was unlucky to meet up with the class winner. He is well-balanced, has a good overall shape, good depth of chest and a straight topline. His coat does not have the length of the class winner but it has all the demarcation points required in the breed. His head is outstanding for a cream with super pigmentation and dark expressive eyes and a dark brown/black nose. Moved true in all directions but at a steadier pace. RCC.
VD(4) 1. Philpott’s Ch Aradet Expert Timing AWS VW BV 12.5 years old. Judged him when he was 10 years old and awarded high honours. Today he was beginning to show his age, however he still excelled in character. With that cobby body shape and square outline he showed he still had the qualities to win this class. Excellent coat texture and pattern. Has a lovely masculine head with good eye shape and colour, his well-placed ears were well used. His strong neck led to a good front piece with well let down brisket and nicely placed shoulders. His hocks were well let down with nice cat shaped feet. On the move he was straight and true. Best Veteran.
2. Collier’s Ch Stoneyburn Banna. This 8 year old has a full coat with good texture and coat pattern. Alert and lively character. Nice masculine head and neat ears, very clued into his handler. Good body shape and rear well angulated. Moved steadily but true in all directions.
SBD(1) Finch’s Ristine Starry Night AWS. 5 years of age, lacking of coat today which emphasised him being longer in back and more up in the leg than most, however front and rear angulations were good. He has a nice masculine head although would have preferred a darker eye. Used his ears well. Movement steady but true. Going forward he was awarded SB G3. Congratulations.
JB (1) 1. Forknall, Forknall, Holland & Holland’s Zorbaloo Happy Hour Again At Avidore. 15 months of age and out of coat today but there was evidence of correct coat pattern despite of this. Very lively and alert to her surroundings and her handler brought out the best of her. She has a pleasing head with good eye shape and those well used ears. Good reach of neck leads to correct shoulder placement, good spring of rib and tight elbows. Nice short back, good rear angulations and well-let-down hocks. She moved brisk and true in all directions. Just needs to mature.
LB (2) 1. Holmes & Holmes’ Dencas Hold My Heart. 3-year-old who oozes quality took my eye when she entered the ring. Cobby body with tail tightly curled over her back she presented a lovely picture with her square outline. Well turned out and presented by her experienced handler. Coat is well fitted to her body, of a harsh texture to the touch and the required coat pattern which is so essential in the breed. Her feminine head with its flat skull and muzzle of moderate length has that typical foxy expression. She has a good shape to the eyes which are more oval than round and well-set ears that are well used and show that alert character. Good length of neck leading to good shoulder placement, good depth of chest, spring of rib, and tight elbows. Good length of loin and a well-developed rear of good angulation. She excelled in moving in all direction. Pleased to award her the CC which I am told is her third. A worthy champion.
2. Massey’s Ristine Cinderella 5 years old and a little longer cast than my class winner. Coat displayed typical pattern required in the breed is of good length and texture. She has a feminine head with a moderate length of muzzle and good stop. Her eyes are dark and of a good shape. Ears moderate and well used.
OB (2) 1. McKenna, McKenna & Forknall’s Tredreas Scotia Princess Among Avidore
5 years-old another who left most her coat at home today but despite this her quality shone through, presenting a square shaped body with coat harsh to the touch and correct demarcation still visible. She has the best of heads with a moderate stop, dark eyes more oval than round, and moderately sized ears. Her neck is just the right length reaching her correctly placed shoulders with elbows close to her well let down chest. Standing she stood four-square and moved true in all directions and with conviction . RCC.
2. Thorne & Thorne’e Ch Mardeck’s Shimmering Oasis For Schipdale (IMP CAN) 6 years old and well-schooled. Slightly longer cast in body but has a good coat with the required pattern. Preferred the head shape of my class winner, but she has lovely eyes, ears and reach of neck. Her chest is well let down with tight elbows, balanced in bone correct angles fore and aft. Moved with short brisk steps.

Karen Bugg

Ladies Kennel Association 23*


A somewhat mixed entry in type and shapes, compared to the previous 2 entries I had for this breed at Ch Sh level. Possibly it was due to it having been a weekday, and at the end of the year, where many have already qualified for Crufts. At times I did find myself wondering where the words ‘Small’ & ‘Cobby’ from the General Appearance of the Breed Standard had gone. Overall temperaments were excellent, the majority of the exhibits were presented in clean condition and well groomed. I love the breed for its ‘attitude’, they have no problem in reminding the judge that they are of little consequence, and Schipperkes Rule OK. It makes me smile every time I see it.
PD (1) 1 Thorne & Thorne’s Schipdale Barnaby. 10mth old, neat and tidy throughout & presents a good overall outline. Pleasing head, good set to ears, bright watchful eye, and decent neck. Good depth to chest, tidy shoulders and good angles fore and aft. Carries his top line well both standing and moving, Quite confident in himself and gives brisk and light movement on very neat and tidy feet BPIB.
JD (1) 1 Donaldson & Donaldson’s Zorbaloo Don Julio. A happy chap, exuding confidence when on the floor, but less so on the table. Lovely overall outline. Very pleasing head, nicely set ears, bright inquisitive eye of a good depth of colour, pleasing neck. Decent depth to chest, just need a little more spring to the ribs which should come with age. Carries his top line well on the move, very positive, light brisk movement. Should have a very bright future once he matures.
LD (3) 1 Donaldson’s Mazal Tov Bestseller (Imp Rus). Mr Personality, quite full of himself. Pleasing head, good eye & nice bite. For me, he lacks in the neck, but had good shoulders, lovely depth of chest, good top line and had decent rear quarters. Nicely filled body of muscle and that really shows on the move, very positive every step, light and brisk. 2 Hall’s Chadbower Drew Of Ghilgrange. Lots to like about this one but felt he was just lacking his best performance on the day. Pleasing head and expression, good neck, decent chest and shoulders. Good top line. Moved well enough, but a shade untidy at the rear at times. Nice shape to feet. 3 Finch’s Ristine Starry Night AW(S)
OD (5) 1 McLachlan, Plourde & Macfarlane, Am Ch GCHG CH Whispering Pines Lover Boy (Imp USA) Came into the ring as if he owned it. Loved his correct outline, lovely head and expression, bright eyes which miss nothing, on his toes at all times. Good depth to chest, lovely shoulders with matching rear angles and moved just as he should. Very well presented and handled. I had no hesitation in awarding him the DCC and BOB. 2 Thorne & Thorne’s Can/Am Ch/ Ch Mardeck’s Where The Magic Is at Schipdale (Imp Can). He also came into the ring with an attitude, which at times was a little too much, as the excitement got the better of him. Pleasing head and expression, bright, lively eye, nicely set ears. Good neck running into well placed shoulders, with a good depth to chest. Carries his top line well. Would have preferred marginally more muscle over the loin. In the challenge he pulled out all the stops, this time with more control, and I was happy to award him RDCC. 3 Forknall’s Avidore Putin On The Style.
VD/B (3) A lovely class and owners should be congratulated to have kept these three in such good condition for their respective ages. 1 Philpott’s Ch Aradet Expert Timing AW(S) VW. A 12 yr old who still knows he has got what it takes to catch the eye, still quite the showman. It’s easy to see with all his virtues how he gained his title. Pleases in all departments. 2 Massey’s Ristine Tweedledee. Son of the class winner, shares many of his qualities. Pleasing head and well set ears, still carries his muscle well, nice angles fore and aft, and moves well. 3 Rollinson’s Fin/Ir Ch Fandal’s Un Amor For Chadbower (Fin Imp).
PB (1) 1 Hall’ Ghilgrange Hanky Panky. Very anxious on the table, not happy being examined at all, was far more confident on the floor. Pleasing enough head, with a good neck, and decent shoulders. Rather immature in the body, but has decent muscle at the rear. Moved OK. Hope she does not grow on any more.
JB (2) 1 McLachlan & Morrison’s Fullmoon Winds Of Winter (Imp USA) Presents a lovely outline from the minute she enters the ring, and has so much ring presence that she cannot be overlooked from the very start. Lovely head, good ear set, bright eyes of a good depth of colour. Overall the body was just as it should be and she moved perfectly, light brisk and as if she meant business. Pleased to award her the BCC. 2 Forknall, Forknall & Holland’s, Zorbaloo Happy Hour Again at Avidore. Very pleasing bitch with an awful lot to like about her, and in a way just a shame she had to meet the winner. The only thing she was lacking in, was she did not carry the body I was looking for, muscle was there but just a shade less of it. Lovely head and neck and spot on for movement, and if she carries those and her other attributes to maturity, she is certainly one to watch for the future.
PGB (1) 1 Rollinson’s Chadbower Fell From Heaven. At a rather in between stage at the moment, seems to be a slow developer. Appears to be a bit leggy at the moment, chest needs to drop a little, and spring of ribs not quite there yet. Pleasing enough in the head with a decent ear set. Moved OK.
LB (2) 1 Holmes’ Dencas Hold My Heart. Liked her for type and outline. Very pleasing head, good eyes and nice ear set. Pleasing chest and ribs, short back and firm loin, nicely muscled throughout. Very good short brisk stride, nicely presented and in a good coat. I feel she needs a little more time to finish, which when she has, should go on to top honours. 2 Massey’s Ristine Cinderella. There was a lot to like about this one too. Similar comments apply to her as they do the winner, except she is more finished in her body. However, she is someone erratic on the move, at times she is foot perfect, then suddenly she appears to lose concentration and it becomes untidy, which today cost her 1st place. Nonetheless a nice bitch when she holds it together.
OB (5,1) 1 McLachlan, Morrison & Plourde, Am Ch Multi Fullmoon Makin Mischief (Imp USA). The only thing which I would want to change about the bitch, is the length of her loin, it lacked the shortness of the BCC winner. Lovely head and foot perfect on the move, and showed herself off to her very best advantage. RCC. 2 Philpott’s Ch Komargo Going For Gold. A worthy champion for sure, easy to see, given all her virtues why she has her title. For me, just a little on the matronly side which did make her movement seem a little less light than perhaps it could be. Nonetheless, still a quality exhibit. She also has a very cheeky expression which made me smile. 3 Wilcox’s Dencas Come Dance With Me.
Mike Gilchrist

NO CC's on Offer*

Southern Counties 23

PGD (1) 1 Chadbower Drew (Hall) Excellent type, very good proportions. Very good head and expression. Good topline. A bit low tailset. Very good body. Well angulated. Good coat. Moves well.
LD (2) 1 Blackshuck Blue Saphire with Miofrey (Wearing) Excellent type and correct proportions. Strong, compact body. Very good head and typical expression. Very good topline and tailset. Good bone. Well angulated. Moves soundly. Typical temperament. 2 Ristine Magical Spice (nbt) (Massey) Correct type and good proportions. A bit long in loin. Very good head and typical expression. Very good body and bone. Enough angulated. Moves well, a bit loose in front. Typical temperament.
OD (4,1) 1 Fullmoon How Do You Like Me Now (Imp Usa) Holland Cup Winner 23 (Mclachlan & Morrison & Mclachlan) Beautiful and balanced Schipperke. Excellent proportions. Excellent head and expression. Very good eyes and ears. Excellent topline. Balanced angulated. Compact body. Excellent coat quality and condition. Excellent mover. Typical temperament. BD/BOB. 2 Ch Schipdale A Kind of Magic (Cheatham) Excellent type and proportions. Typical head and expression. Compact body. Very good topline and tailset. Well angulated. Excellent coat quality. Moves very well. Excellent temperament. RBD. 3 Ir Ch Summerhaze Shafran among Chadbower (rus Imp) Jnr Ir Ch (Rollinson & Manners)
V (3,1) 1 Ch Aradet Action Man ShCM VW (Cheatham) Excellent type and proportions. Excellent condition for age. Very good head and typical expression. Very good topline. Wide in front. Very good body. Correct coat quality. Sound, typical movements. BV. 2 Ristine Tweedledee (Massey) Correct type and good proportions. Very good topline. Very good head and typical expression. Enough angulated. Good body and bone. Sound mover. Very good coat. Excellent temperament.
PB (1) 1 Chadbower Fell from Heaven (Rollinson) Very promising puppy. Correct type and proportions. Feminine, good head. Typical expression. Good topline. Enough angulated. Correct coat quality. Moves well. Typical temperament.
JB (1) 1 Chadbower Fell from Heaven (Rollinson) Correct type and proportions. Typical, feminine head. Good eyes and ears. Correct topline and tailset. Enough angulated. Correct coat quality. Sound, good movement. Very good temperament. BP/BJ.
PGB (2) 1 Ristine Cinderella (Massey) Excellent type, correct proportions. Strong body. Feminine, good head. Very good topline. Very good angulations. Correct angulations. Good bone and body. Very good coat. Moves well. Typical temperament. 2 Roopec’s Gonna Get Ya with Ghilgrange (Hall) Very good type and good proportions. Good head and expression. Good topline. Low tailset. Enough angulated. Good body and bone. Correct coat quality, but short coat today. Moves well. Very good temperament.
OB (4,2) 1 Am Ch/Ch/Sp Ch Fullmoon Makin Mischief (USA Imp) (Mclachlan & Morrison & Mclachlan) Beautiful bitch. Lovely type and proportions. Very good, feminine head. Typical expression. Very good eyes and ears. Excellent topline. Compact body. Balanced angulated. Excellent coat quality and condition. Super mover. Excellent temperament. BB 2 Ch Chadbower Nevaeh Lahetti (Manners) Excellent type and proportions. Feminine, very good head and expression. Excellent topline and good tailset. Very good body. Balanced angulated. Excellent coat. Sound, very good movements. Typical temperament. RBB
Kimmo Mustonen (Finland)

Border Union 23

P (1) 1 Donalson: Zorbaloo Don Julio. Cobby, with correct head, and eye, erect ears, sissor bite, strong short neck, with slight arch, muscular forequarters, good chest, deep rib, lighter hindquarters, well muscled, good tail set, small tight feet. Harsh coat, nice mane, in lovely condition. Moved briskly, with short stride, showing alertness and enjoying the day. BP pleased to see him awarded PG2.
PG (1) 1 Donaldson: Mazal Tov Bestseller (Imp Rus ) Stood alone, but again nice cobby male, good head and eye, scissor bite, good angulation front and rear, muscled, abundant harsh coat, moved true with brisk stride. BOB.
O (1) 1 Reed: Stoneyburn Arbeia, lovely bitch, true to type, correct head and eye, scissor bite, well muscled, shown in excellent condition, good overall angulation. Moved true.
V (3) 1 Collier: Ch Stoneyburn Banna: another nice cobby bitch, correct head and dark oval eye, erect ears, slight arch to strong neck, into sloping shoulders, broad deep chest, good bone, lovely harsh coat, well constructed. Moved true with brisk stride. BV. 2 Reed: Stoneyburn Mala: very similar to one, just a little longer, shown in lovely coat, correct and cobby, moved true. On tight small feet. 3 Riley: Schojan Aleksandr Of Lakshmi. Lovely bitch, sadly spoilt by carrying too much weight.
Ms Dawn Hall

SKC – OCTOBER – 2023


PG (1) 1 Donaldson Zorbaloo Don Julio 12.5 months old black male, still growing coat. Very good head proportions and typical expression. Good ear set. Energetic playful character. Correct body proportions with good bone. Good length of leg and correct pasterns. Yet to develop in chest but correct for age. Moved correct away. A little loose in right elbow towards which will firm with age and ring experience. Demonstrated a brisk free sidegait. A good type, but still a baby.

O (7) 1 Collier’s Ch Stoneyburn Banna. 7 year old black male which exuded quality. Correct size. Typical head with lovely expression set off with lovely shaped dark eyes. Excellent body proportions and chest development with correct coat texture. Lovely reach of neck which showed correct defined coat pattern. Good length of leg Correct tail set. Correct angles front and rear, which allowed him to move with energy all ways displaying a lovely brisk sidegait. Lovely character, showing lovely balance throughout. (BD, BOB, BVIB) 
2 Hood’s Revloch Fire at Will CJW19 5 year old black male. Tall. Lovely condition and coat texture. Very good bone and straight legs of good length. Lovely masculine head with typical expression and good dark eyes. Correct body proportions. Moved correct away and towards, with good sidegait. Good type. (Res BD) 
3 Reed’s Stoneyburn Maia. 7 year old black bitch with feminine head and sweet lively expression. Loved her earset and expression. Good cobby body proportions if carrying a tad weight. Lovely proportionate bone and tight feet with correct pasterns. Moved a little close away, and correct towards. Good sidegait. (BOS)
Heather Corkin

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