Schipperke Club Ch Show Bath 2021

Judge Mike Vincent

Dog CC Cheatham’s SCHIPDALE A KIND OF MAGIC – Best In Show
Bitch CC – Philpott’s KOMARGO GOING FOR GOLD – Best Opposite Sex & Best AOC
Best Puppy In Show – Wilcox’s DENCAS COME DANCE WITH ME ( & Best Minor Puppy)
Reserve Best Puppy In Show – Massey’s RISTINE SUNNY JIM
Best Veteran In Show – Philpott’s CH ARADET EXPERT TIMING


Minor Puppy Dog (1)
1. Massy RISTINE SUNNY JIM ( Ristine Tweedledee x Ristine Cinderella)

Puppy Dog (2,1 Ab)

Junior Dog (0)

Special Yearling Dog (1)
1. Massey RISTINE MAGICAL SPICE ( CH Chadbower Finlay for Blitzstan x Ristine Cinderella)

Post Graduate Dog (2)
1. Finch RISTINE STARRY NIGHT ( CH Ristine Jack Black x Scipsar Alice In Wonderland at Ristine)
2. Wilson SCHIPDALE NIGHTFALL ( CH Schipdale Rebus x Dencas Heartbeat for Schipdale)

Limit Dog (4)
1. Cheatham SCHIPDALE A KIND OF MAGIC ( CH Schipdale Rebus x Aradet Dancing Queen for Schipdale)
2. Mance BLITZSTAN TELLER OF TALES WITH RYEMAN ( CH Chadbower Finlay for Blitzstan x Ristine Lunar Eclipse for Blitzstan
3. Wearing BLACKSHUCK BLUE SAPHIRE WITH MIOFREY ( CH Avidore History Maker at Blackshuck x Nocte Almerina at Blackshuck)
4. Massy RISTINE TWEEDLEDEE ( CH Aradet Expert Timing AWS x Scipsar Alice In Wonderland at Ristine)

Open Dog (3, 1 Abs, 1 withdrawn)
1. Brooks FANDAL’S VILJAM AT RIDGEBROOK ( US CH Heart Throbs Just Cruisin x Fandals Wholelatta Love from Kurakurma)

Any Other Colour Open Dog (1)

Champion Dog (1)
1. Mance CH RYEMAN ROBIN ( CH Schipdale Orlando x Ch Byquy Grace’N’Favour at Ryeman)

Veteran Dog (0)

Vintage Dog (1)
1. Philpott CH ARADET EXPERT TIMING AWS ( CH / AM CH Chatelet Aradet Rugby ShCM x Aradet Party Politics)

Good Citizen Dog (1)


Minor Puppy Bitch (1)
1. Wilcox DENCAS COME DANCE WITH ME ( All Set for Dencas Alpha Nero IMP CZE x Dencas Glitter and Gold)

Puppy Bitch (2)
1. Wearing TREDREAS MAGIC MOMENT ( Ch Schipdale Rebus x Ch Aradet Black Orchid)
2. McKenna TREDREAS ORCHID PRINCESS ( Ch Schipdale Rebus x Ch Aradet Black Orchid)

Junior Bitch (0)

Special Yearling Bitch (0)

Post Graduate Bitch (1)
1. Philpott KOMARGO GOING FOR GOLD ( CH Aradet Expert Timing AWS x CH Byquyu Black Carat)

Limit Bitch (1)
1. Forknall BLACKSHUCK PURPLE AUDACE AT AVIDORE MIOFREY ( CH Avidore History Maker at Blackshuck x Nocte Almerina at Blackshuck)

Open Bitch (2, 1 Abs)
1. McKenna & Forknall TREDREAS SC OTIA PRINCESS AMONG AVIDORE (CH Aradet Expertr Timing AWS x Ch Aradet Black Orchid)

Any Other Colour Open Bitch (3)
2. Peck KOMARGO GALATAIA WITH BYQUY ( CH Aradet Expert Timing AWS x CH Byquyu Black Carat)
3. Forknall SCHOJAN REVE D’OR AT AVIDORE ( Avidore Cream Of The Crop at Schojan x Midwatch Quintessence at Schojan IMP USA)

Champion Bitch (0)

Veteran Bitch (1)

Vintage Bitch (0)

Good Citizen Bitch (0)

The Schipperke Club Championship Show 02/08/21

I wish to thank the Club for this invitation and for their hospitality. Sue Bird, my steward helped to make the appointment run smoothly. Not the greatest of entries, but on par with recent shows. This beautiful breed is very special to me and I was disappointed not to see more pear-shaped bodies and better coat demarcation, but I hope this is just a temporary setback because of the unusual times we have all just been through.

Judge: Mike Vincent

MPD (1)
1 Massey’s Ristine Sunny Jim Gold with super head and expression, dark eye and good ears. Needs time to develop in front and chest. Topline needs to tighten and at the present time appears somewhat upright in shoulder. Good rear, well ribbed. Feet and movement need to tighten too.

PD (2, 1abs)
1 R Sunny Jim

SYD (1)
1 Massey’s Ristine Magical Spice. Gold with super masculine head, lovely dark eye and alert expression. Rather rangy at the moment and would prefer better shoulder angulation. Deep chest, well ribbed, lacking forechest. Feet and topline need to tighten. Movement wide at front and rear.

PGD (2) These two were totally different types.
1 Finch’s Ristine Starry Night Black with super masculine head, darkest of eyes, good length of neck set into good shoulders. Good front and well ribbed. Correct topline and well muscled rear. A little rangy at the moment but present a nice outline. Excels on the move.
2 Wilson’s Schipdale Night Fall. Standing beside 1 this very handsome lad looks almost too cobby, partly because of the excessive coat. Okay front and shoulder, deep chest and well ribbed. Correct rear and topline. Moved well.

LD (4) All four were of different types. Last time I judged the first two they were together in a puppy class and I placed them the other way round.
1 Cheatham’s Schipdale A Kind Of Magic Black of lovely balance. Superb masculine head, very neat well shaped eye, alert ears, lovely length of neck set into well angulated shoulders. Good forechest, correct depth of chest and well ribbed. Smooth, level, strong topline. Movement was smooth, short, brisk and true coming and going. CC, BIS.
2 Mance’s Blitzstan Teller Of Tails With Ryeman Res CC again. Very cobby, extremely handsome and presents a nice outline. So well made throughout with the best of fronts and shoulders. Only his movement let him down today. It was true coming and going but instead of brisk he was short stepping and lacking power. Overall quality gained him RBIS.
3 Wearing’s Blackshuck Blue Saphire With Miofrey

OD (3, 1 abs, 1 wdn)
1 Brooks’ Fandal’s Viljam At Ridgebrook. Very smart standing and of good type. Nice head of good pattern, dark neat eye, alert expression, level bite. Okay front and shoulder, deep chest, well ribbed. Coat of good texture. Moves well coming and going but looses topline.

AOC OD (1)
1 R Magical Spice

CH D (1)
1 Mance’s Ch Ryeman Robin Cobby with lovely masculine head, eye and expression. Short neck and topline, wonderful front and shoulder, well ribbed, strong rear. Carrying extra condition which affected his movement front and rear.

V D (1) Philpott’s Ch Aradet Expert Timing AWS This black was one of the very few with the correct outline when viewed from all angles. Lovely head, eye and expression. Ears right on top, darkest of eye. Excellent front and shoulder, good coat, super temperament. At 11 years and 4 months this lad was the best mover of the entire entry and it was a pleasure to watch.
GCD (1) Ch A Expert Timing AWS

MPB (1)
1 Wilcox’s Dencas Come Dance With Me Ohhh what a beauty! Stunningly pretty with the most beautiful head, darkest well shaped expressive eyes, good bite and ears, correct length of neck, lovely topline. Good front and shoulder, deep chest, well ribbed. Presents a very typical outline and with correct coat demarcation. Moves correctly with style. One to watch for the future. BPIS

PB (2)
1 Wearing’s Tredreas Magic Moment These two are litter sisters and I would like to see these two on a different day when they have got used to being handled at shows and have gained in confidence. Both have lovely heads, dark expressive eyes, good length of neck and good front assembly. Both are well ribbed and good rears. Both need to tighten in topline and 1 moved more freely.
2 McKenna’s Tredreas Orchid Princess

PGB (1)
1 Philpott’s Komargo Going For Gold Just as I was getting concerned about the variation in types in the breed, in walks this beautiful cream lady in full coat and correct outline and I was immediately taken back to the very typy cream Schipperkes of Tarnhows and Sylvadown of yesteryear and I realised all was not lost for the breed. Very beautiful, lovely head, neat eye, good pigmentation, correct neck, shoulders and front. Strong level topline, well ribbed, rear assembly lighter than front all giving the desired pear-shaped body. Better table manners would be appreciated. Being so well made she moved very well too. BCC, BOSIS

LB (1)
1 Forknall’s Blackshuck Purple Audace At Avidore Black that needs to be handled to be appreciated as she doesn’t make the most of herself standing. Lovely head, eye and ears, good neck and the best of shoulders and front. Well ribbed, good topline and rear. Moved soundly.

OB (2, 1abs)
1 McKenna & Forknall’s Tredreas Scotia Princess Among Avidore Black of good type. Lovely head, neat eye, ears right on top and alert. Good neck, front and shoulder, well ribbed, strong topline, neat feet. Moved well.

AOCB (3)
1 K Going For Gold
2 Peck’s Komargo Galataia With Byquy Gold, litter sister to 1 and of exactly the same quality body shape and type. Beautiful head, eye, expression and pigmentation. Well conformed throughout but lacking coat and condition today. Moved well. Overall quality won her RBCC.
3 Forknall’s Schojan Reve D’Or At Avidore

VB (1)
1 S Reve D’Or At Avidore Gold of nice type. Lovely head with neat eye and alert ears. Good front, deep chest, well ribbed, correct topline and rear. Carrying plenty of weight which affects the front movement.

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